BEFORE THE TWITTER FILES: Alt Media Warned of Twitter Links to FBI CIA Deep State

Manila Chan originally discussed the links between Twitter and FBI, CIA, NSA, deep state back in June 2022. Originally aired on a “certain” international media outlet. First shirked off as “Russian disinformation” – the now massive trove called the Twitter Files brought to light by Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss confirmed Manila’s reporting from 6 months prior.

BEFORE THE TWITTER FILES: Alt Media Warned of Twitter Links to FBI CIA Deep State via Manila Chan


The Federal Bureau of Tweets: Twitter is Hiring an Alarming Number of FBI Agents

Twitter Still Infiltrated with Former FBI and CIA Agents


Hungarian Opposition Received Millions from the USA

A foundation led by prominent critics of the Hungarian government and conservative forces in general allegedly helped the Hungarian opposition’s electoral campaign with significant funds from the United States. According to a Hungarian government politician, this could have amounted to “abusing the law.”

Hungarian Opposition Received Millions from the USA


The National Security Committee to Investigate the Opposition’s Foreign Funding

Action for Democracy targets Hungary & ‘kleptocratic autocrats’

Pelosi got a photo op in exchange for a strategic setback of the US

Pelosi got a photo op in exchange for a strategic setback of the US

The only rationale that could explain why the US would make such a gambit, is if they expected a strong destabilizing effect on China. It is perceivable that they believe their own propaganda of alleged “instability” in China. There recently have been loud complaints by some Chinese about local events, as is virtually always the case, and as expected in a country the size of China. But to imagine Chinese society as a whole was “unstable” grossly misjudges the relevance and scale of such local events, as China is extremely stable, both socially as well as in the macroeconomy, with low inflation, no stagnation, and a stable currency. Looking at the scale and violence of farmer protests in Holland, or trucker protests in Canada, it would make much more sense to worry about the stability of Western democracies than of China.

Apart from the stability, even more important is the fact, that there was no humiliation of China’s government, since the event in the end helps speed up the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland, as foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying pointed out on August 3. Just as Pelosi’s statements of a “beautiful sight” regarding the violent riots of Hong Kong in 2019 helped convince the people of Hong Kong that those riots were intended to hurt their city for the interests of a foreign nation, leading to more popular support for stronger legislation against such riots, her visit to Taiwan this time gave China an opportunity to improve its strategic disposition in the region.

One of the most well-known antique text in China and worldwide is The Art of War by Sun Zi. In one passage Sun Zi explains that leaders should never enter a war rashly or start a fight based on emotion. Emotions can change from anger to joy, but dead people can never return to life. Chinese have far too much wisdom to let the US dictate their agenda, and trick them into an unnecessary war. There isn’t a Chinese who wouldn’t understand this logic. Therefore, the measured and strategic response of China to a short-sighted and emotion-focused provocation by Pelosi is getting overwhelming support in the Chinese public.

Most of the “Fact-Checking” Organizations Facebook Uses in Ukraine Are Directly Funded by Washington

Most of the fact-checking organizations Facebook has partnered with to monitor and regulate information about Ukraine are directly funded by the U.S. government, either through the U.S. Embassy or via the notorious National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Most of the “Fact-Checking” Organizations Facebook Uses in Ukraine Are Directly Funded by Washington

How does the West conspire to contain China?

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently announced the establishment of a new China mission center, with the aim to continue suppressing China’s peaceful rise. In addition, Western forces have been keen on smearing China by repeating the same old narratives of “democracy” and “human rights,” and even fabricating the despicable lies about the so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang. When we look back at the major negative social events in Hong Kong in recent years, there have been traces of CIA’s interference.

Why are these Western countries so “interested” in China’s internal affairs? What conspiracies and traps have they laid in the way of China’s development? Do they do it via foreign spies in HK? Do spies work like James Bond?

In this episode of Legal Affairs, Lawrence Ma, Chairman of the Hong Kong Foundation for Legal Exchange, exposes the ulterior motives and evil plots of the West from a historical and legal perspective, unveiling the mystery of some “local proxies” in HK.

According to Ma, during the Cold War, Western countries tried to reform the Soviet Union from within, inducing Gorbachev to carry out a political revolution, which eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Similarly, they have used their old tricks against China all along. In 1989, the West brought up the topic of “democracy” to fund and induce students to protest, misleading people into believing that “everything will be fine if we introduce so-called ‘democracy’ into China”. The purpose behind this, obviously enough, was to overthrow the Communist Party’s leadership, Ma said.

The West’s conspiracy didn’t work out at that time, and in the face of China’s rise, they turned to the so called “China containment policy.” Although the U.S. side has never admitted it, such a policy that has been in place to contain China in all aspects, including currency, energy, food, military, diplomacy, and media.

To this day, Western countries are sending their agents to HK as diplomats or consuls, who use diplomatic passports as shields to avoid any charges they face in the city. The more important task of these spies is to train local puppets, like students, such as Wong Chi-fung and others. Foreign powers push the puppets to the front line, instructing them to act as local proxies and stage “color revolutions” in the city. Watch the video now for more details!

Source: DotDotNews (YouTube)


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