The Uyghurs and Anti-China Propaganda

On August 26th 2022 as the US-NATO directed counter-offensive against the Donbass Republics and other Ukrainian regions resisting the NATO installed Nazi friendly regime in Kiev began to take place, the NATO states, led by the United States and Britain, escalated their aggression against China.

The Uyghurs and Anti-China Propaganda




Explained: How Americans In Chinese Tech Firms Might Have To Choose Between US Citizenship And Job

Under the latest US technology export rules, US citizens working in Chinese firms might face a tough choice — quit their jobs or risk losing US citizenship.

Explained: How Americans In Chinese Tech Firms Might Have To Choose Between US Citizenship And Job

H/T: Simply put, Biden forced all Americans working in China to choose between being fired or losing their American citizenship from Der Friedensstifter/The Peacemaker

Sounds like a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Citizenship Clause.

The U.S. Lost the 5G Race…after an Immigrant was Forced to Leave

The U.S. Lost the 5G Race…after an Immigrant was Forced to Leave via Newsthink


The U.S. Needs a Million Talents Program to Retain Technology Leadership (archived)

It’s not just a matter of enticing new immigrants but of retaining bright minds already in the country. In 2009, a Turkish graduate of the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Erdal Arikan, published a paper that solved a fundamental problem in information theory, allowing for much faster and more accurate data transfers. Unable to get an academic appointment or funding to work on this seemingly esoteric problem in the United States, he returned to his home country. As a foreign citizen, he would have had to find a U.S. employer interested in his project to be able to stay.

Back in Turkey, Arikan turned to China. It turned out that Arikan’s insight was the breakthrough needed to leap from 4G telecommunications networks to much faster 5G mobile internet services. Four years later, China’s national telecommunications champion, Huawei, was using Arikan’s discovery to invent some of the first 5G technologies. Today, Huawei holds over two-thirds of the patents related to Arikan’s solution—10 times more than its nearest competitor. And while Huawei has produced one-third of the 5G infrastructure now operating around the world, the United States does not have a single major company competing in this race. Had the United States been able to retain Arikan—simply by allowing him to stay in the country instead of making his visa contingent on immediately finding a sponsor for his work—this history might well have been different.

CIA intimidated Britain to force ‘ally’ to cut ties with China’s Huawei

“America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” ― Henry Kissinger

Aug 24, 2022 – The Donald Trump White House and CIA ran “black ops” to intimate close US “ally” Britain to cut all ties with China’s tech giant Huawei, hurting the UK’s own economic interests in order to advance Washington’s trade war on Beijing.


Resource: 5G wars: the US plot to make Britain ditch Huawei