Empire of Lies Eager to Receive Mr. Sarmat’s Business Card

Amidst the propaganda dementia cum acute cognitive dissonance overdrive across the whole NATOstan sphere, the only antidote is served by sparse voices of reason, which happen to be Russian, thus silenced and/or dismissed.

Empire of Lies Eager to Receive Mr. Sarmat’s Business Card

3 Chinese nationals among 4 dead in suicide attack at Karachi University

At least four people, including three Chinese nationals, were killed while four others were injured in a suicide attack outside the University of Karachi’s (KU) Confucius Institute, officials said on Tuesday.

3 Chinese nationals among 4 dead in suicide attack at Karachi University


The “Baloch Liberation Army” Is a Foreign-Backed Feudal Terrorist Group

The US and India are well aware of this state of regional affairs and are attempting to exploit it to the utmost, taking advantage of the fact that this terrorist campaign is actually decades old but is being revived in response to CPEC and resultantly receiving a bunch of global news coverage because of it unlike before. To be clear, the Pakistani state is meeting the needs of the local population and addressing their various grievances, so those who are engaging in the BLA’s terrorism aren’t “freedom fighters” but loyal feudalists who are treasonously cooperating with foreign powers in order to suppress their own people. Even so, that angle of their campaign is conspicuously left out of the Mainstream Media’s coverage and only the anti-Chinese one is emphasized for reasons of “political convenience” since there’s a clear contradiction between the “democratic” principles that the US and India allege to support and the anti-democratic goals being advanced by the BLA.

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Russia’s Spy Chief Exposed The US’ Plot To Impose The Davos World Order Onto The West

Naryshkin’s article should be an eye-opener for those among the Western masses who end up becoming aware of it and especially those who consider reading this brief piece in full using Google Translate. They deserve to know that Russia’s top spy believes that their elite are manipulating the people’s perception of events in order to impose the World Economic Forum’s evil plans upon them to ‘have nothing and be happy’, not to mention his prediction about their liberal-Nazi dictatorship future.

Russia’s Spy Chief Exposed The US’ Plot To Impose The Davos World Order Onto The West


Ukraine: A new battle in the old war of the “New Normal”

No sooner appointed than new Georgian FM summoned to NATO HQ

Georgian FM to hold meetings at EU, NATO on April 6-8

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Ilia Darchiashvili, will visit the EU and NATO headquarters on April 6-8, Trend reports citing 1tv.ge.

No sooner appointed than new Georgian FM summoned to NATO HQ


Ukraine war, NATO Foreign Ministers meeting kicks off:

[Jens Stoltenberg] added:“We need to support Ukraine, sustain our sanctions, and strengthen our defences and our deterrence”.

In the Strategic Concept we need to address the security consequences of Russia’s aggressive actions, of the shifting global balance of power, the security consequences of a much stronger China, and the challenges Russia and China are posing together to our rules based international order and our democratic values.

But of course also in the Strategic Concept, we will sort out the strategy for how to deal with cyber, hybrid, terrorism, and also the security consequences of climate change. So I’m looking forward to the meeting and it will be, an important meeting. Not least facing the grim reality in Ukraine. And with that, I’m ready to take your questions. He said.

Debunking The Top Five Weaponized Narratives Of The US’ Infowar Against Pakistan

The purpose of this piece is to expose the top five weaponized narratives in order to inform Pakistanis of the intense efforts underway to manipulate their thoughts and emotions during this rolling regime change crisis. It’s hoped that doing so will enable them to identify anti-Pakistani information warfare products whenever they come across them and thus enhance the country’s “Democratic Security”, which refers to its ability to counteract Hybrid War threats such as those that it’s currently confronting from the US and its proxies.

Debunking The Top Five Weaponized Narratives Of The US’ Infowar Against Pakistan

An American Official Accidentally Got It Right About Russia & India

Exactly as Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics Daleep Singh said, the potentially disproportionate dependence that Russia might eventually come to have on China could have real implications for India and obviously be unfavorable. It’s with these credible strategic concerns in mind that India is seeking to preemptively thwart that scenario from ever materializing by functioning as an alternative Western pressure valve for Russia so that it doesn’t have to disproportionately depend on China to that end

An American Official Accidentally Got It Right About Russia & India

Ukraine – from Euromaidan to Afghanistan

Recently, Douglas MacArthur, a retired colonel and adviser to the US Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration, a multi-decorated war veteran, openly criticized the official policy of Washington, which he said was deliberately trying to transform Ukraine into an Eastern European version of Afghanistan. It is common knowledge that for the United States, war is first and foremost a business, an opportunity to make good money on the long-running bloody conflicts that Washington is fueling worldwide with a global hybrid war against all disobedient nations and ethnic groups. As in all previous wars initiated or sponsored by the USA with the use of these perfidious tactics, Ukraine is also seen as a new great opportunity for the American military-industrial complex controlled by the deep state to make fabulous profits.

Ukraine – from Euromaidan to Afghanistan