Leak shows UK attempt to “derussify” former Soviet bloc

By Johanna Ross | February 24, 2021

Back in 2018, the Anonymous hacker group unveiled documents detailing the UK’s global anti-Russian propaganda campaign, otherwise known as the Integrity Initiative. A covert operation, funded by the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence, it involved academics like Mark Galeotti, security analysts such as Ben Nimmo and journalists like Deborah Haynes of Sky News, who were all paid to provide negative coverage of Russia in various media settings. In true James Bond fashion, they were all part of a giant global syndicate, instructed to counter the Russian government narrative wherever possible, whether it be in articles, or on social media.

Leak shows UK attempt to “derussify” former Soviet bloc


UK Foreign Office Docs Reveal ‘Full-Spectrum’ Psyops to ‘Destabilise Russia’, Journalist Says

Navalny, Bellingcat & the Fifth Column in the FSB

Navalny and others like him are not politicians or fighters. They are puppets. We armed ourselves with evidence and made the first attempt to understand whose hands control these “dolls”. By the way, some of these arms are covered with the sleeves of the uniforms of the Russian Federal Security Service. So who is behind the “investigations” that were supposed to “shake Russia”? Whose agents were Navalny and his associates? The answers are in our investigation.

Navalny, Bellingcat & the Fifth Column in the FSB