5/11/23 Joziah Thayer on AQAP’s Standing in Yemen

Joziah Thayer joins to show to discuss some of the work he’s done digging into the many factions and groups within Yemen and the foreign powers working to pull their strings. Scott and Thayer drill in on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, and explore how the group’s standing in Yemen has changed and how the country is likely to evolve going forward.

Discussed on the show:

The CIA, AQAP, and the Never-Ending Excuse to Bomb Yemen

How the IMF & World Bank Destroyed Yemen

5/11/23 Joziah Thayer on AQAP’s Standing in Yemen

‘Nearly A Third Of The World Economy Is Now Subject To Sanctions’

The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) just published a study about:

The Human Consequences of Economic Sanctions.

The results are as any observer of such acts would expect. Sanctions are used too broadly. They hardly ever serve their supposed original purpose and do not reach their aims. They hurt the poor more than the supposedly targeted leaders of this or that country.

‘Nearly A Third Of The World Economy Is Now Subject To Sanctions’

“Terrorism from the Sky”: Myanmar Junta Bombs Civilians, Killing 100, Escalating Attack on Resistance

Al Jazeera says at least 40 people were killed, whereas Western media is claiming 100+. Zarni is asking for Biden to release Myanmar’s frozen assets so that Myanmar’s “democratic resistancecan purchase more weapons.

“Terrorism from the Sky”: Burmese Junta Bombs Civilians, Killing 100, Escalating Attack on Resistance

And the second is China’s recent resumption of its backing of the military. China decided that they are going to back the military, because the democratic resistance is at least notionally backed by the United States and the European Union.


Myanmar military confirms air raid that killed dozens in Sagaing:

“During that opening ceremony, we conducted the attack. PDF members were killed,” Zaw Min Tun told the military broadcaster Myawaddy, referring to the civilian militias known as People’s Defence Forces.

Some media reports put the toll at more than 100 but Al Jazeera was unable to verify the figure. If confirmed, the attack on Pa Zi Gyi would be the deadliest in the country since the military toppled Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government in a coup in February 2021.

“According to our ground information we hit the place of their weapons’ storage and that exploded and people died due to that,” he added.

Myanmar Strikes Concert (at Rebel Army Base): How & Why the West Lies

US-backed Proxy War Against China Rages in Myanmar

U.S., allies may be planning Ukraine proxy war model for Myanmar

Notes on Zarni:

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