US partially lifts Iran sanctions to stoke “anti-government protests by providing internet access, the Treasury Department said”

US partially lifts Iran sanctions

Iranian officials have already alleged that forces from “outside the country” are working to stir up unrest over Amini’s death. On the same day that protesters first took to the streets in Iran, China warned fellow members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which Iran joined that day, to beware of foreign-instigated “color revolutions.”

H/T: Syriana Analysis


Millions rally across Iran to condemn violent foreign-backed riots

“The enemy’s recent plot, which is followed by collecting, unifying, organizing and training all the failed and scattered capacities and equipping them with weapons of violence and Daesh-style behavior, is a vain attempt and doomed to failure,” the IRGC said in the Thursday’s statement.

At least 35 people have been killed, including five security personnel, during the “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests (over 60 ambulances have been destroyed). MEK claims that the death toll is 4X more than is being being reported.

On another note, Elon Musk told Augustin Antonelli that he will “save” Cuba, as well. Agus Antonelli is from the right wing think tank, Fundación Libertad. Fundación Libertad is affiliated with the Atlas Network, which has “quietly” received funding from the NED, the State Department, and the USAID.