Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy

Joe Biden promised the world that he was “opening a new era of relentless diplomacy.” Either those were just words or Biden has lost control of his foreign policy. Rather than the birth of diplomacy, the first sixteen months of Biden’s term in office have seen a dearth of diplomacy. On all the major issues, there has been none, and often worse than none.

Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy

Israel, Biden and the 2022 midterms

Israel, Biden and the 2022 midterms

The wear and tear suffered by Biden after the fiasco in Afghanistan, runaway inflation and the possible entry into recession of the economy next year after the war in Ukraine, could lead to the Republican victory in the midterm elections of 2022 that would anticipate a triumphant return of Trump in the 2024 Presidential elections and what would be a paradigm of the recent Republican victory in the State of Virginia. Thus, after the fiascoes in Syria, Libya and Iraq, Iran would be the new bait for the Anglo-Jewish plan of the Machiavellian Plan outlined by the Anglo-Jewish Alliance in 1960 to attract both Russia and China and provoke a great regional conflict that will mark future of the area in the coming years and that it would be a new local episode that would be framed in the return to the recurring endemism of the US-Russia Cold War. This conflict could involve the three superpowers (USA, China and Russia) counting as necessary collaborations the regional powers (Israel, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran), covering the geographical space that extends from the Mediterranean arc (Libya, Syria and Lebanon) to Yemen and Somalia, with Iraq as the epicenter and recalling the Vietnam War with Lindon B. Johnson (1963-1969).

US stops asking Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, report says

US stops asking Saudi Arabia to pump more oil, report says

The US-Saudi relationship has long been underpinned by the exchange of US arms and security guarantees for access to Saudi oil. But that relationship has reached a breaking point, officials told The Journal.

MBS is upset with Biden’s refusal to recognise him as the de facto ruler of the kingdom, Biden’s rhetoric on the country’s human-rights record, the US failure to guarantee its security following a string of attacks led by Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the revival of the Iran nuclear deal.

After the administration released an intelligence memo blaming MBS for the murder of Washington Post and MEE columnist Jamal Khashoggi, the White House appointed Defence Minister Lloyd Austin as the point man for MBS, while Biden maintained he would only deal with King Salman. [That’ll show him! Send in the Raytheon salesman!]

Biden has yet to meet MBS – or his father, King Salman – in an official capacity. Now, Saudi officials have told The Journal that not even a state visit would be enough to resolve the tensions.

Regime Change in 1…2…3…🤷🏼‍♀️

The MADness of the Resurgent US Cold War With Russia

The war in Ukraine has placed US and NATO policy toward Russia under a spotlight, highlighting how the US and its allies have expanded NATO right up to Russia’s borders, backed a coup and now a proxy war in Ukraine, imposed waves of economic sanctions, and launched a debilitating trillion-dollar arms race. The explicit goal is to pressure, weaken and ultimately eliminate Russia, or a Russia-China partnership, as a strategic competitor to US imperial power.

The MADness of the Resurgent US Cold War With Russia