Survey: Only 9% of Venezuelans Back the Opposition

On Monday, May 9, the director of the pollster firm Hinterlaces, Óscar Schémel, released the results of a poll according to which the Venezuelan opposition only has 9% support among the people of the country, and former deputy Juan Guaidó’s support has fallen to 4%.

Survey: Only 9% of Venezuelans Back the Opposition


Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy

Joe Biden promised the world that he was “opening a new era of relentless diplomacy.” Either those were just words or Biden has lost control of his foreign policy. Rather than the birth of diplomacy, the first sixteen months of Biden’s term in office have seen a dearth of diplomacy. On all the major issues, there has been none, and often worse than none.

Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy