Former Western prime ministers propose military alliance with Ukraine

Former Western prime ministers propose military alliance with Ukraine

On Tuesday, a group of former prime ministers, foreign ministers and other high-level officials from NATO countries published a document effectively proposing a formal alliance between Ukraine and NATO countries that, if adopted, threatens to transform the proxy war in Ukraine into a full-scale conflict between NATO and Russia.

The document hints at the creation of a “no-fly zone” in Ukraine, pointing to a “set of agreements, between Ukraine and countries producing anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense equipment to provide Ukraine with modern and effective air defense and anti-missile defense systems in sufficient quantity to ensure a ‘closed sky’ from air attacks.”


US Attempts To Make China An Enemy Require A Lot Of Fantasy

By Moon of Alabama, Jul 22 2022

The US weapon industry needs US enemies. Without those it is hard to justify an ever-growing war budget. The most lucrative enemy, besides Russia, is of course China.

But there is a problem. China has no interest in being a US enemy and certainly not in being THE enemy. In its view that only takes away resources that are better used elsewhere.

That is the reason why China avoids talks with the US about military and strategic issues.

US Attempts To Make China An Enemy Require A Lot Of Fantasy

War on the Horizon with China (The Neoconservative Dream)

Have neoconservative policies regarding China stopped with just “regime change”? Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard, believes that it must happen for the best interests of American foreign policy. In the latest news, US military forces have been reported to have been in Taiwan for at least 12 months to strengthen its defenses against intensifying Chinese aggression. Taiwan is considered “self resilient” against China, however, China has shown no aggression towards the country. Yet we continue to gradually move toward a conflict with a country which has been seen as a threat to our world economy and hegemony with indo-china. The Pentagon meanwhile has criticized its own slow in progression of it’s defense strategy. General John E. Hyten, Joint Chiefs of Staff, referenced the unprecedented speed at which Beijing is developing its military capabilities, particularly the modernization of its nuclear arsenal, as one of the Pentagon’s top concerns. But at what cost will this be at the average American citizen?

YouTube: War on the Horizon with China (The Neoconservative Dream)


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Australia’s Murdoch media and the Wuhan COVID-19 lab conspiracy theory + How a Bannon-linked conspiracy theory about coronavirus origins landed on Murdoch-owned media

Australia’s Murdoch media and the Wuhan COVID-19 lab conspiracy theory

What they missed:

How a Bannon-linked conspiracy theory about coronavirus origins landed on Murdoch-owned media, including Fox News

A week later, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Media Watch debunked the story with a roundup of reporting on the many holes in Markson’s work. According to its report, GNews was one of the earliest reported adopters of the conspiracy theory based on the discredited 2015 book.

The debunk explained that “a host of China experts say the book is not outlining China’s plans for biowarfare” but rather “it’s looking at defense against Western attacks, which it claims have already started.” Media Watch also noted that the document Markson based her reporting on is a readily available book that can be purchased online.

The American Colony of Australia

Western media portrays Australia as a beautiful nation with independent people and a close ally of the United States. But the American Empire has no allies, only vassal states. Australia became a colony of the American empire in 1975 after an Anglo-American coup. Australians noticed nothing since Australia had been an British colony since its inception and dispatches military forces when ordered to fight empire wars.

Source: Tales of the American Empire

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