Red Scared: Revising history at the Victims of Communism Museum

“THERE IS NO WAY he is a victim of communism,” my partner quips, pointing to a photo of the late Pope John Paul II. We are near the end of our visit to the new Victims of Communism Museum, standing in an elevator-size lobby with photographs of “victims” screen-printed all over the walls. Among the many victims and honorees: Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, the Dalai Lama, Romanian writer Herta Müller, Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, and Hungarian neofascist Viktor Orbán.

Red Scared: Revising history at the Victims of Communism Museum (archived)

[2018] The Wilson administration’s war on Russian Bolshevism

“The Time You Sent Troops to Quell the Revolution”

The United States invasion of Russia remains a hidden dimension of U.S. policy in the Great War, marking the beginning of a long Cold War. In August 1918, three months prior to the Armistice, the Wilson administration sent several platoons of U.S. soldiers into Russia to aid in the overthrow of the new Bolshevik government, which had come to power in the October Revolution of 1917. The operation was carried out alongside British, French, Canadian and Japanese forces in support of White Army counter-revolutionaries whose generals were implicated in wide-scale atrocities, including pogroms against Jews. This “Midnight War” was carried out illegally, without the consent of Congress. The Commanding General in Siberia, William S. Graves thought that his mission was to protect a delegation of Czech troops and the Trans-Siberian railway and to serve as a mediator. He was disappointed to learn that in fact the United States was enmeshed in another country’s civil war and came to oppose the whole operation. In his memoirs, he expressed “doubt if history will record in the past century a more flagrant case of flouting the well-known and approved practice in states in their international relations, and using instead of the accepted principles of international law, the principle of might makes right.”

The Wilson administration’s war on Russian Bolshevism

The 1619 Project and the New York Times’ glorification of the UK monarchy

In its coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles, the New York Times has published article after article celebrating the pageantry of the British monarchy. In so doing, the newspaper responsible for publishing the 1619 Project has entangled itself in many layers of contradictions.

The 1619 Project and the New York Times’ glorification of the UK monarchy

Why Revolution? DPRK: History of Continuous US War Games Provocations Against North Korea Since 1953

We are very pleased to republish an excellent history of the massive campaign of threats and intimidation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, aka North Korea) by the United States and its puppet government in South Korea since 1953. This document was published in English on one of the official news websites of the DPRK – the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on 4 September 2022.

The DPRK is a Stalinist workers state whose rather austere brand of socialism is entirely conditioned by this continual threat of war from the United States and South Korea. Every attempt by the North Koreans to “open up” their country economically has been met with extreme hostility and renewed threats of war from the United States Government, who can never forgive the DPRK for the profound humiliation that heroic socialist workers state inflicted on the US during the Korean War as it successfully defended itself from one of the most murderous and genocidal attacks ever seen in world history. The increasingly threatening statements from the US Government of “Lesser Evil” Democrat Joe Biden to target and annihilate the North Korean leadership in a nuclear attack is what has led the DPRK to increase its expansion of its nuclear arsenal and to publish a revised statement of its intent to use nuclear weapons if necessary to defend itself and its people from any attack from the USA, South Korea or any other regional puppet regime. We say: the DPRK has every right to possess and to use nuclear weapons to defend itself from an attack launched by US imperialism or its puppets. We agree with the latest statement published by North Korea regarding its revised policy regarding the use of nuclear weapons to deter a war on the Korean peninsula and to utilize those weapons against the US forces in South Korea should they attempt to attack the DPRK. We will be republishing the text of that declaration of the DPRK in a new article as soon as possible.

Why Revolution? DPRK: History of Continuous US War Games Provocations Against North Korea Since 1953


Joint US-South Korea military exercises conclude, with an eye on North Korea and China

Bernie Sanders at RMT rally in London: Hawking the myth of a trade union revival

US Senator Bernie Sanders was the featured speaker at a rally held August 31 by the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) at London’s Congress House—headquarters of the Trades Union Congress. Billed as an event to “Save Public Transport” from Conservative government cuts, its purpose was to channel a growing wave of working class struggle behind the trade union bureaucracy and the Labour Party.

Bernie Sanders at RMT rally in London: Hawking the myth of a trade union revival

Russophobia Running Riot

Though the news that Clown Prince Zelensky, Ukraine’s contemptible puppet President, is renting one of his Italian villas out to Russians for €50,000 per calendar month would lead to protests if his junta had not banned all such protests on pain of death, this further evidence of his corruption flies in the face of the rampant Russophobia all of Western Europe’s opinion makers have signed up to. Although I previously wrote about this Russophobia in the context of Russian children’s stories and the Ukrainian junta’s book burning policies, none of that could prepare either you or me for what now follows, for what resembles a German Jew watching Kristallnacht unfold one shattered window and one shattered life at a time.

Russophobia Running Riot

Origin of the ‘Trident’ Emblem of Ukraine

As with any mythological symbol, the ‘Trident’ of Ukraine is full of ‘pre-history’ – most of it made-up, false, or deliberately fabricated and misleading. Although there is no archaeological evidence, Ukrainian nationalistic history (which attempts to construct a Ukrainian identity that is separate and distinct from Slavic Russian), paints a picture of exotic origins! This symbol is nothing less than the trident of the Greek god Poseidon! If this ‘origin story’ is correct, then the Ukrainians, despite being the obvious (and scientifically proven) descendants of marauding Scandinavians (exactly the same as their Russian neighbours), are nothing less than the modern survivors of a colony of ‘White’, and ‘European’ Greeks who settled in the area around two thousand years ago! The fact that Ancient (and Classical) Greeks were Southern Europeans who routinely ‘mixed’ with Middle Eastern and Asian people (hence their ‘olive’ complexion) appears lost on on these Ukrainian ultra-nationalists. Here, we start to see the ‘irrationality’ of Eurocentric racism.

Origin of the ‘Trident’ Emblem of Ukraine