The Rectification of Names: Healing a Divided Nation

In the same way, I’m sure that most of our Trump voter friends are not really in a different universe at all. They do things to keep healthy and take care of their yards and their cars and their plumbing, they go to church or don’t, they know how to pay taxes and utility bills, they do their jobs, they’re competent, which people who really believed that facts are in some unattainable mystic place like the Grail Castle (as opposed to, say, edited publications) would not be able to do.

They just have this weird thing they do, often attached to a singular subject: attachment to Zionism, for instance, or fear of losing their guns, or hatred of brown people, where they refuse to be rational, like Lindsey Graham saying he’d refuse to look at the evidence, proudly, somebody who used to be a presumably competent lawyer. And they do it voluntarily, unlike the members of an actual tribe with the customs they were born to; they don’t have to be like that. (They do it to “own the libs”, Steve says, and that’s right: it’s stupid to be stupid just to piss me off, but teenagers do that every day and have done so for centuries and millennia, so that’s no surprise—a lot of Trumpies appear to be stuck in some kind of delayed adolescence anyway.) They do it, really, as a kind of club thing, to be different from libs and their irritating air of caring about things, and the big thing is—you see where I’m going here?—they’re not interested in being unified, or getting the divisions healed. They’re really fine with it.

So stop worrying. Just take away their political power, because that’s a real problem.

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