Apple is sticking taxpayers with part of the bill for rollout of tech giant’s digital ID card

Apple is sticking taxpayers with part of the bill for rollout of tech giant’s digital ID card

The agreement, obtained through public record requests from CNBC and other sources, mostly portrays Apple as having a high degree of control over the government agencies responsible for issuing identification cards.

Apple has “sole discretion” for key aspects of the program, including what types of devices will be compatible with the digital IDs, how states are required to report on the performance of the effort, and when the program is launched, according to the documents. Apple even gets to review and approve the marketing that states are required to do.

Peter Thiel Embodies Silicon Valley’s Conservative Past and Dystopian Future

Peter Thiel Embodies Silicon Valley’s Conservative Past and Dystopian Future

In August 2020, Thiel told Die Weltwoche that COVID-19 had created an opening. “Changes that should have taken place long ago did not come because there was resistance. Now the future is set free.” But the future desired by Thiel is one that involves less democracy, more restrictive immigration measures, and a tech industry even more aligned with the interests of the US government. Tech’s libertarian age is waning, but its future could be even worse.

Unlearned AIDS Lessons for Covid

Unlearned AIDS Lessons for Covid

The CDC’s own epidemiologists objected to this message, arguing that resources should be focused on those at risk, as the Journal reported in 1996. But they were overruled by superiors who decided, on the advice of marketing consultants, that presenting AIDS as a universal threat was the best way to win attention and funding. By those measures, the campaign succeeded. Polls showed that Americans became terrified of being infected, and funding for AIDS prevention surged—much of it squandered on measures to protect heterosexuals.

My note: Reminds me of Edward Bernays.


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Fauci warned of ‘unintended consequences’ of ‘draconian’ quarantines during 2014 Ebola outbreak

Speaking of Cambridge Analytica: Cambridge Analytica – a Salesgirl’s Report

Cambridge Analytica – a Salesgirl’s Report

Like any other propaganda – euphemistically relabelled public relations, Cambridge Analytica sole goal was to influence people. Like an chthonic cult or a fringe religious sect, Cambridge prayed on the fears of vulnerable within the electorate in order to influence their voting behavior. What Cambridge Analytica did happened without anyone noticing. That’s the acme of effective propaganda. Cambridge Analytica preyed upon their deep-seated underlying fears and concerns. When someone asked the boss of Cambridge Analytica, does that mean that the candidate is just a puppet? Alexander Nix replied Always.

For a detailed analysis of Cambridge Analytica:

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