US Sanctions Violating Rights of Iranian Women, Children

Despite the American officials’ claims of not imposing sanctions on imports of drugs to Iran, some specific medications needed for rare diseases are hard to obtain in the country due to banking embargos that hamper money transactions which causes some Western companies to refuse to sell the necessary drugs and medical equipment to Tehran.

US Sanctions Violating Rights of Iranian Women, Children

[2019] The trade war is hitting medical supplies ‘and will be passed on to the consumer’

“Think of products like gauze that are made in Band-Aids,” Einhorn said. “Think of other products like medical gloves.”

He continued: “These products are used on an everyday basis not only on the professional side such as physician offices, surgery centers, and hospitals, but also on the consumer side — products you’ll buy in a pharmacy. And those products will be somewhat affected somewhere between 10% and 25%.”
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