The Dangers of Praising Mike Pence and Liz Cheney

Republican enemies of Donald Trump are not your friend. In fact, they may represent an even more dangerous form of far-right politics, because they put a respectable veneer on theocracy, climate denial, and warmongering. Democrats need to stop praising horrible neoconservatives.

The Dangers of Praising Mike Pence and Liz Cheney
My reaction to Robert Reich’s suggestion!

I’d much prefer Rand Paul, if we were to have a right-winger as President! I don’t care for all of his economic policies but, at least, we might have less wars and legalized marijuana!

Turkish-Kurdish Tensions in Syria Expose NATO Dysfunction

Jun 12, 2022 | Military activity in northern Syria is accelerating, Turkey is intent on striking at US-backed Kurdish militants who in turn are seeking aid not from the US but from Syria and Russia.

The situation in Syria is another illustration of the true nature of US foreign policy and another glimpse at what becomes of America’s many “partners.”

The New Atlas (New Atlas on Telegram) (Video on Odysee)

“America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” – Henry Kissinger


Turkey urges Russia to fulfill deals to clear N. Syria of terrorists

Ankara says it must act because Washington and Moscow failed to keep their promise to push the YPG 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the border after a 2019 Turkish operation, adding that attacks from YPG-controlled areas have increased.

In 2019, an operation into northeast Syria against the YPG drew widespread international condemnation, prompting Finland, Sweden and others to restrict arms sales to Turkey. Now Turkey is blocking the two Nordic countries’ historic bid to join NATO because of the weapons ban and their support of the terrorist group.

Turkey tells Russia it will respond to destabilising moves in north Syria

US-backed Syrian Kurds to turn to Damascus if Turkey attacks

Assad explains why Syria is sticking with Russia

The attacks increase as Turkey disapproves of Finland & Sweden’s NATO memberships?! Coincidence?! NOT!!

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Justin Podur on Trevor Noah on China in Africa. Why Comparing Chinese Africa Investment to Western Colonialism Is No Joke.

The West colonized and enslaved Africa for centuries at the point of a gun, and then sought to continue its colonization through financial weapons. The wealth and power of Europe was created through extraction and colonization. China has no history, need, or desire for colonization. It developed independently and has had amicable and equal relations with Africa for millennia. The CPC has supported African liberation movements, unlike the west, which violently suppressed them.

Justin Podur on Trevor Noah on China in Africa. Why Comparing Chinese Africa Investment to Western Colonialism Is No Joke.