Biden’s ex-disinfo czar registers as foreign agent


The former disinformation czar for President Joe Biden’s administration has apparently landed on her feet after resigning amid controversy earlier this year. She has registered as a foreign agent representing a UK activist group that advocates for censorship of speech it finds objectionable.

Biden’s ex-disinfo czar registers as foreign agent

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Who Runs Britain’s ‘Centre for Information Resilience,’ Employer of Disinformation Czarina Jankowicz?

Intelligence operative confirms British gov’t is targeting The Grayzone


AP fired a reporter after a dangerous blunder. Slack messages reveal a chaotic process.

A 10-minute miscommunication on Slack between journalists at the Associated Press resulted in an erroneous report last week that appeared momentarily to bring tensions between NATO and Russia to their highest point since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

AP fired a reporter after a dangerous blunder. Slack messages reveal a chaotic process.

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Marine Corps bans journalist and veteran James LaPorta from Camp Lejeune base

On 5 February 2017, you participated in inappropriate and unethical activities by attempting to interview a victim of an alleged crime aboard Marine Corps base, Camp Lejeune, (MCB CAMLEJ); which is in violation of [a regulation], by gathering information/taking photographs/videotaping/exposing TV motion picture film within the Camp Lejeune area without prior approval of the Consolidated Public Affairs Office. Additionally, you violated [another regulation]; which states “Personal interviews and telephonic communications between prisoners and media representatives is not authorized, unless a determination is made that such an interview serves the legitimate public interest, or is in the best interest of the military.

Based upon the serious nature of your misconduct, you are being debarred from MCB CAMLEJ. I have determined that your presence aboard MCB CAMLEJ is detrimental to the security, good order and discipline of the Installation. Accordingly, you are hereby notified, upon the receipt of this letter, that you are ordered not to reenter, or be found within the limits of MCB CAMLEJ.

Philippines: Our Foreign Policy on China Is Clear, But Is It to The United States?

The chief architect of Philippine foreign policy is the President.

It appears that the sitting President has been somewhat slow in defining it but certainly he knows that buck of responsibility stops with him.

Our Foreign Policy on China Is Clear, But Is It to The United States?


Are Freedom of Navigation Operations and Innocent Passage Really the Same?

U.S. destroyer challenges China’s claims in South China Sea

Kamala Harris Heads to Philippines to Pick a Fight With China

NATO plans to absorb Finland, Sweden before summit in Lithuania

Baltic Times, November 15, 2022

NATO’s ambition is Sweden, Finland’s membership before Vilnius Summit – Lithuania

NATO decisions on further bolstering its eastern flank and the participation of Sweden and Finland at next year’s Vilnius Summit as full members should be the Alliance’s ambition, say advisers to Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.

NATO plans to absorb Finland, Sweden before summit in Lithuania

Before FTX collapse, founder poured millions into pandemic prevention

Before FTX collapse, founder poured millions into pandemic prevention (archived)

The Bankman-Frieds’ family foundation in February also committed $5 million to ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization, to support reporting focused on pandemic preparedness and biosecurity, including one-third of the grant delivered upfront. The funding has subsidized several staff and articles — including a high-profile story with Vanity Fair about the possibility that covid leaked from a Chinese laboratory, which frustrated some of the Bankman-Frieds’ pandemic advisers who pointed to criticism of its translations of Mandarin Chinese. ProPublica was told last week that the remaining two-thirds of the grant is being paused, a spokesperson confirmed.


Ben Gvir demands death penalty for Palestinians as condition to join Netanyahu’s govt

On 15 November, far-right Israeli member of the Knesset (MK) Itamar Ben Gvir sought to implement the death penalty for Palestinians guilty of killing Israelis. He has set this as a condition for his faction to join former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government.

Ben Gvir demands death penalty for Palestinians as condition to join Netanyahu’s govt

US columnist believes Wrangel Island belongs to United States + More

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Thomas E. Dans, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and former Commissioner of the US Arctic Research Commission, believes that the United States should reclaim Wrangel Island from Russia.

US columnist believes Wrangel Island belongs to United States


Status of Wrangel and Other Arctic Islands

No negotiations regarding the U.S.-Russia maritime boundary have occurred since 1990, when the U.S.-USSR Maritime Boundary Agreement was signed. The negotiations that led to that agreement did not address the status of Wrangel Island, Herald Island, Bennett Island, Jeannette Island, or Henrietta Island, all of which lie off Russia’s Arctic coast, or Mednyy (Copper) Island or rocks off the coast of Mednyy Island in the Bering Sea. None of the islands or rocks above were included in the U.S. purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867, and they have never been claimed by the United States, although Americans were involved in the discovery and exploration of some of them.

Ice Curtain: Why Is There a New Russian Military Facility 300 Miles from Alaska?

. . . whoever holds the Arctic, holds the world. I think it is the most important strategic place in the world.” These solemn words were uttered in 1935 before a House of Representatives Committee by a retired American general and aviator, Billy Mitchell, who presciently foresaw the Arctic as a vital region for early detection against missile and aviation threats to prevent an attack against the United States. But at the end of the Cold War, the Arctic ceased to be a strategically important place for either the United States or the Russian Federation. But by the 2007-2008 timeframe, Russia began to re-prioritize the Arctic both economically and militarily—in keeping with Vladimir Putin’s vision of restoring Russia’s status as a great power and harnessing the Arctic’s economic potential. Now more than a decade later, Russia has returned to the Arctic militarily with important strategic implications for the United States.

Europe’s Watergate? The Pegasus spyware scandal keeps spreading

Revelations about alleged surveillance of journalists and politicians with spyware continue to surface in Europe, with four EU states accused of illegitimate snooping. Is it “Europe’s Watergate”?Would you like to browse the contents of a cellphone in the interest of national security? If you have millions of dollars and are a government agency, you could try approaching the NSO Group, an Israeli company that has sold its Pegasus spyware to scrupulous governments worldwide, and its products in 14 EU states, according to the European Parliament.

Europe’s Watergate? The Pegasus spyware scandal keeps spreading