The Left’s Covid Failure

Mainly, though, this has been a historic failure from the Left, which will have disastrous consequences. Any form of popular dissent is likely to be hegemonized once again by the (extreme) Right, poleaxing any chance the Left has of winning round the voters it needs to overturn Right-wing hegemony. Meanwhile, the Left holds on to a technocracy of experts severely undermined by what is proving to be a catastrophic handling of the pandemic in terms of social progressivism. As any kind of viable electable Left fades into the past, the discussion and dissent at the heart of any true democratic process is likely to fade with it.

The Left’s Covid Failure

Towards Technofascism: Vaccine Passports and the Inequality Virus in the Debate

Towards Technofascism: Vaccine Passports and the Inequality Virus in the Debate

Environmental activist and writer Chet Bowers claimed that their social agenda includes the imposition of barriers to people’s ability to vote; the use of the prison system to control a large segment of the poor and non-white population; the intertwining of fundamentalist religions and segments of government focused on national security; and the use of the military to globalize the American way of life; the suppression of basic human rights, especially for women; the undermining of the rights of workers to organize in order to oppose being exploited; and the authorization of fraudulent elections in which the

Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Jen Psaki, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams…all Rona positive, all fully vaxed. It’s almost as if the vaccines aren’t made to stop the spread but rather to facilitate it.


White House press secretary Psaki says she has COVID-19

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Jon Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams cancel shows after testing positive for Covid