The Emperor Elonicus

Everyone is going to hate this column. Musk worshipers are going to hate it because I’m going to blaspheme against Elon Musk. Musk demonizers are going to hate it because I am not going to blaspheme against him enough. Everyone else is going to hate it because they’re sick to the gills of hearing about Musk, and Musk’s destruction of Twitter, or his salvation of Twitter, and censorship, and “hate speech,” and all that stuff.

The Emperor Elonicus


The first time I learned about Kent McLellan “Boneface” was through the investigation of Vasily Prozorov a former employee of the Ukrainian Security Services now uncovering the hidden truths of Ukraine on his channel UKRLEAKS.



18+: Interview and Chats with Former Azov Member Kent “Boneface” McLellan, Who Has Returned to the United States After Evacuation From Azovstal


I’ve seen the crucifixion video and it’s hard to tell if it’s real or not. More “fact-checks” claim that it’s propaganda than those that claim it’s real. It’s gruesome but the video ends right after they start the fire. The only website (Deep Gore Tube) that it seems to still be at has pop-up ads to porn sites. If you do click, to watch it, don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

18+: Videos appear to document execution of Russian POWs by Ukrainian armed forces

The New York Times has verified the authenticity of videos apparently showing the execution of 11 surrendering Russian soldiers in the village of Makeyevka, Luhansk, in Eastern Ukraine earlier this month.

Videos appear to document execution of Russian POWs by Ukrainian armed forces

Video via Enema of the State


Russian prisoners of war executed by soldiers from Ukraine’s 80th brigade — LPR militia

RT: Videos showing execution of Russian POWs in Ukraine are authentic – NYT (Alternative link, if blocked)

Who are the Ukrainian integral nationalists?

Who knows the history of the Ukrainian “integral nationalists”, “Nazis” according to the terminology of the Kremlin? It begins during the First World War, continues during the Second, the Cold War and continues today in modern Ukraine. Many documents have been destroyed and modern Ukraine forbids under penalty of imprisonment to mention their crimes. The fact remains that these people massacred at least four million of their compatriots and conceived the architecture of the Final Solution, that is, the murder of millions of people because of their real or supposed membership in the Jewish or Gypsy communities of Europe.

Who are the Ukrainian integral nationalists?
The oath of loyalty to Führer Adolf Hitler by members of the OUN.
Machine translation by Yandex.



Nazism in eastern Europe (and the US)

Notes for self:

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Zelensky cracks down on popular news outlet as repressions against media intensify in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky says he has granted a petition demanding that the government take action against popular opposition news website

Zelensky cracks down on popular news outlet as repressions against media intensify in Ukraine


Zelensky instructed Danilov to deal with the blocking of the website Strana (Ukrainska Pravda)

Also, on 30 December 2021, the National Security and Defence Council made a decision to block access by internet providers to web resources/services located on the,,,,, and other domains and subdomains web resources/services that provide access to the portal, a web resource/service that is similar (identical) in terms of content, as well as restriction by electronic service providers (social network services) of access from the territory of Ukraine to content posted on web pages/ in the channels,,,

Russian ‘collaborators’ rounded up as Ukraine reasserts control over tense, divided region

Russian ‘collaborators’ rounded up as Ukraine reasserts control over tense, divided region

This was originally posted in The Times, but it’s behind a paywall. You can see the short video, that accompanied the piece, here. It’s obviously a whitewashed version for Western audiences.

[In Nikolaev (Mykolaiv)]:

It has not been possible to substantiate the mayor’s claims, or reach the funeral director Oleksandr Sahadiak, a father of one in his early forties, who has now been held without charge for weeks.

Dozens of suspected collaborators have been arrested since the war began, according to two local officials. Some of them did it for the money — at times as little as £20. Others did it for ideological reasons; rooted in nostalgia for the lost days of their youth in the Soviet Union.

This month a 72-year-old woman in Mykolaiv was sentenced to 15 years in prison for collaborating with the Russian security services — renting an apartment where she held supplies for their saboteur groups. She also shared co-ordinates of Ukrainian soldiers and strategic objects that helped the Kremlin’s forces target their fire.

A lot of people were killed because of this,” said a person close to the case, who did not want to be named.

Yet some people also recall the rich cultural life at the time — concerts, plays, the ballet. They remember going on holiday across the Soviet Union, how everyone had a job, and how there was less of a gap between rich and poor.

“It was a very good life then,” said Lyudmila, 74, who asked that her real name not be used. After independence, she said: “It was very difficult, everything was privatised, people were very poor.” Young people today “don’t know about the Soviet heroes”.

Lyudmila, and others like her, say they have never felt part of an independent Ukrainian state. They spend their days glued to Russian television, which tells them that Nazi Ukrainians and their Nato allies were preparing to destroy Russia, and had to be stopped. [Where’s the lie?!]

“We need to get rid of this Soviet Union nostalgia, we need to get rid of these ‘brother’ feelings [with Russia],” said Senkevych, the mayor, who like most others in the city grew up in a Russian-speaking family. [How does he propose to do so?!]

The head of the funeral services was a special case. When the war began, the mayor claimed, Sahadiak was overheard repeating pro-Russian talking points to his colleagues. This caught the attention of the Ukrainian intelligence services, who began a secret investigation.

Several of Sahadiak’s colleagues said that he gave no outward indication of pro-Russian views and had worked tirelessly arranging the military funerals of soldiers in the region. He lent the diggers used to excavate graves to troops digging defensive lines around the city – and offered to operate them himself.

“He was the best director we had here. He made it profitable, and he didn’t steal money,” said one of his colleagues, who did not want to be named. “I was so surprised when he was arrested. And now I’m really scared. His family are being bullied online, and people wrote really terrible things about us here in the municipal office, like that we should be killed and we are separatists. Everyone here has guns, and some stupid guy with a grenade can just come by and throw it in our office.”


Flash : the Ukrainian Nazis have started to persecute civilians in Kherson