Russia’s Spy Chief Exposed The US’ Plot To Impose The Davos World Order Onto The West

Naryshkin’s article should be an eye-opener for those among the Western masses who end up becoming aware of it and especially those who consider reading this brief piece in full using Google Translate. They deserve to know that Russia’s top spy believes that their elite are manipulating the people’s perception of events in order to impose the World Economic Forum’s evil plans upon them to ‘have nothing and be happy’, not to mention his prediction about their liberal-Nazi dictatorship future.

Russia’s Spy Chief Exposed The US’ Plot To Impose The Davos World Order Onto The West


Ukraine: A new battle in the old war of the “New Normal”

Revenge of the Putin-Nazis!

And they’re back! It’s like one of those 1960s Hammer Film Productions horror-movie series with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee … Return of the Putin-Nazis! Revenge of the Putin-Nazis! Return of the Revenge of the Bride of the Putin-Nazis! And this time they are not horsing around with stealing elections from Hillary Clinton with anti-masturbation Facebook ads. They are going straight for “Democracy’s” jugular!

Revenge of the Putin-Nazis!

Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers!

Sergei Bobylev / TASS

CJ Hopkins

They rolled up on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill like one of the plagues in the Book of Revelations, honking their infernal air horns, the grills of their tractors grinning demonically, the sides of their dry vans painted with blasphemies like “FREEDOM TO CHOOSE,” “MANDATE FREEDOM,” “NO VACCINE MANDATES,” and “UNITED AGAINST TYRANNY.”

Attack of the Transphobic Putin-Nazi Truckers!