Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy

Joe Biden promised the world that he was “opening a new era of relentless diplomacy.” Either those were just words or Biden has lost control of his foreign policy. Rather than the birth of diplomacy, the first sixteen months of Biden’s term in office have seen a dearth of diplomacy. On all the major issues, there has been none, and often worse than none.

Joe Biden and the Dearth of Diplomacy

The MADness of the Resurgent US Cold War With Russia

The war in Ukraine has placed US and NATO policy toward Russia under a spotlight, highlighting how the US and its allies have expanded NATO right up to Russia’s borders, backed a coup and now a proxy war in Ukraine, imposed waves of economic sanctions, and launched a debilitating trillion-dollar arms race. The explicit goal is to pressure, weaken and ultimately eliminate Russia, or a Russia-China partnership, as a strategic competitor to US imperial power.

The MADness of the Resurgent US Cold War With Russia

North Korea calls Biden “senile old man” and criticizes his sanctions on Moscow

North Korea calls Biden “senile old man” and criticizes his sanctions on Moscow

What was really said:

Final Loser Will Be U.S.: Commentary

Perhaps, the trouble was caused by him reading a script which his aides prepared beforehand, worrying about the president known for his repeated slip of tongue.

If not, the conclusion could be that there is a problem in his intellectual faculty and that his reckless remarks are just a show of imprudence of an old man in his senility.

Given that his subordinates had a hard time to redeem his misstatements, the latter seems true.

No wonder his subordinates begged him not to answer any questions of journalists, finding it hard to handle the follow-up with their president disgraced as a “slipper of tongue.”

A big question is if he could ever have done anything right with such IQ during his florid 50-year political career.

Gloomy, it seems, is the future of the U.S. with such a feeble man in power.

The rest is worth reading, as well.