Space intelligence around Ukraine

In the evening of October 4, 2022, photos and videos appear on social networks, about strange light pillars, several in Belgorod (1st and 2nd pictures), through various angles, at least one in Moscow (3rd picture), about 600 km to the north. Others are reported later in Omsk, about 2,250 km east of Moscow, then Murmansk (bottom), 1,500 km north of Moscow

Space intelligence around Ukraine


As users on Twitter report, an identical glow was also observed in Murmansk, which is the headquarters of the Northern Fleet and around which are located the largest submarine bases with nuclear submarines, especially strategic ones that can launch ballistic missiles, which have been the focus of American reconnaissance satellites and airplanes for the last week.

Russian journalist Dmitry Smirnov gave his opinion on this on his Telegram channel.

“It’s high time: Strange rays in the sky over Belgorod. Ukraine is already arguing that all is lost – Putin launched the laser weapon ‘Peresvet’ (named after the medieval warrior-monk who was blessed by St. Sergius of Radonezh to go to the battle on Kulikovo field).”

Glows spotted in Russia.
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“Uncle Sam Sees a Shrink” by Ben Grosscup

Oct 4, 2022 – Uncle Sam Sees a Shrink by Ben Grosscup

So what brought me here, shrink
Is I started to think
That perhaps I’ve gone into decline
I almost forget
When the sun never set
On countries whose rules I define

My unrivaled power
Meant nations would cower
And help my vast wealth to accrue
If one wasn’t supine
Or they got out of line
Well, I’d just take them out in a coup

And I have, by far, the most nuclear warheads
Each one is on trigger alert
My hundreds of foreign bases are spread
To maintain the control I exert

So doctor, help me. I can’t understand
Why wielding this power feels pointless and bland
Even with all my arms, my wealth, and grandeur
I still feel so insecure

And be frank with me, please
I’m down on my knees
Your words come with weighty credentials
Why am I in this pain?
Can you help me regain
The status of being essential?

It just makes me irate
When erstwhile client states
Demand that I honor their borders
I feel anxious and sick
Check the Diagnostic
Manual of Mental Disorders

Hey Doctor,
What’s the assessment at which you’ve arrived?
And where’s it explained in this text?
I’m paging up there right now in the DSM Five
[Spoken] For . . . what’s that section called again?]
The military industrial complex?
Hmmm . . .

It says the symptoms are fraudsters and hacks
Win the biggest contracts
Building jet fighters and drones
Economies go down
In the cities and towns
Once lenders start calling in loans

Doc, my global franchise
Runs on free enterprise
Your opinion has caused me frustration
Just help me to see
All the threats facing me
Like the meddling done by foreign nations

Or do you mean to imply that the very armed forces
Key to the power I’ve known,
Empty me of my best resources,
And cause me to feel so alone?

My consultants attested
That you were the best but
I clearly see now you’re a phony
I pay you too well
To be left in this hell
Of the stress that comes with hegemony

This session has only made me feel more ill
And thrown your prestige into doubt
You should have known I’m a shining city on a hill
We’re done now, and I’m walking out


“Uncle Sam Sees a Shrink” by Ben Grosscup

White House Increasing Surveillance of Russian Exclave as Nuclear Tensions Heighten

The United States has carried out multiple surveillance flights this week around Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave located on the Baltic Sea coast. The American spy planes are likely assessing Moscow’s nuclear weapons activity as the two sides step up threats and warnings over the ongoing war in Ukraine.

White House Increasing Surveillance of Russian Exclave as Nuclear Tensions Heighten


U.S. steps up intel, surveillance after Putin’s nuke threats

“We haven’t seen any evidence at this time that Russia will use nuclear weapons,” said Lt. Cmdr. Joshua Kelsey. “We take these threats very seriously, but we have not seen any reason to adjust our own nuclear posture at this time.”

Intelligence agencies, the official said, are confident that Russia would not risk an all-out nuclear war by launching a massive attack on Ukraine or NATO countries.

Review of Benjamin Abelow’s “How the West Brought War to Ukraine”

By Natylie Baldwin

I first came across Benjamin Abelow’s analysis of the Ukraine war as a lengthy article published on Medium in May. I found the depth and thoroughness of his article impressive and complimented him on it. When he told me that he’d expanded it into a short book, I was intrigued and offered to review it. I was not disappointed.

Review of Benjamin Abelow’s “How the West Brought War to Ukraine”

The Great Game in Ukraine is Spinning Out of Control

Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski famously described Ukraine as a “geopolitical pivot” of Eurasia, central to both US and Russian power. Since Russia views its vital security interests to be at stake in the current conflict, the war in Ukraine is rapidly escalating to a nuclear showdown. It’s urgent for both the US and Russia to exercise restraint before disaster hits.

The Great Game in Ukraine is Spinning Out of Control