Is Washington Under Alien Control?


The drama currently unfolding in which the Biden Administration is doing everything it can to provoke a war with Russia over Ukraine is possibly the most frightening foreign policy misadventure since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and the 1967 Lyndon Johnson attempt to sink the USS Liberty and blame it on Egypt, either of which could have gone nuclear. I can well recall the Robert Heinlein sci-fi book The Puppet Masters, later made into a movie, which described how alien-slugs, arriving by way of a flying saucer landing in Iowa, invaded the earth and parasitically attached themselves to the central nervous systems of humans and became able to completely control their minds. What the humans know, they know. What the slugs want, no matter what, the human will do. And the tale gets really scary in geopolitical terms when some Secret Service Agents are “occupied” by the invaders and they are thereby poised to capture the President of the United States. I would point out that the movie came out when Bill Clinton was president, which should have provoked some concerns about whether it was fact or fiction.

Is Washington Under Alien Control?

Israel Freaks Out as Gabriel Boric’s Elections Signals New Direction for Chile

Israel Freaks Out as Gabriel Boric’s Elections Signals New Direction for Chile

Chile’s new president, however, is far from a radical and has gone out of his way to distance himself from other socialist governments currently under American attack. He has long been a critic of Venezuela and the administration of Nicolas Maduro. In November, he also wrote off the elections in Nicaragua (won by leftist President Daniel Ortega) as a “sham,” even going so far as to extend his “solidarity” to Cristina Chamorro Barrios, leader of an ultra-conservative party and a prominent member of Nicaragua’s most powerful family.

No wonder Biden approves!

Why is Israel Amending Its Open-Fire Policy: Three Possible Answers

By Ramzy Baroud | MEMO | December 28, 2021

At the outset, the Israeli military decision to revise its open-fire policies in the occupied West Bank seems puzzling. What would be the logic of giving Israeli soldiers the space to shoot more Palestinians when existing army manuals had already granted them near-total immunity and little legal accountability?

Why is Israel Amending Its Open-Fire Policy: Three Possible Answers