Freelance Photographer Says He Was Fired by NYT Over Support for Palestinian Resistance

“What is taking place is a systematic effort to distort the image of Palestinian journalists as being incapable of trustworthiness and integrity, simply because we cover the human rights violations that the Palestinian people undergo on a daily basis at hands of the Israeli army.”

Freelance Photographer Says He Was Fired by NYT Over Support for Palestinian Resistance

Katie Halper: I Was Canceled for Criticizing Israel

On Monday, September 26, I delivered a video monologue as part of my job as a rotating co-host for The Hill TV’s political commentary show, Rising. I’d been a weekly guest on the show for three years, and this was my first “Radar”—an op-ed delivered straight to the camera. It was also my last. On September 28, I was fired.

I Was Canceled for Criticizing Israel


Hill TV Segment on Rashida Tlaib and Israel Is Censored

Israel Now Using AI Technology To Kill Palestinians

By Robert Inlakesh

Israel has a long track record of testing weapons technology on Palestinians it rules over in the occupied territories, however, the Israeli military’s latest move has gone on pretty much unnoticed. Israeli AI-powered rifles and crowd control technology is now in action, with potentially lethal consequences.

Israel Now Using AI Technology To Kill Palestinians

H/T: Declaration Of Opinion

The return of the two-state solution illusion

For Democrats in the United States and the political “centrists” in Israel—represented by Joe Biden and Yair Lapid, respectively—the loss of credibility for the two-state solution has meant losing more and more support for Israeli policies. As the respected polling site noted recently, among many other sources, younger Democrats are increasingly supportive of Palestinians and less so of Israeli policies.

The return of the two-state solution illusion

Life in an IDF Firing Zone: For These Palestinians, It’s a Daily Nightmare

Fewer than six months after a court order expelling the inhabitants of Masafer Yatta from their homes, life in the area has changed beyond recognition. Day-to-day existence had always been difficult in the eight small villages scattered through the area in the absence of basic facilities, even before Israel declared the area a military firing zone, but in recent months it has grown even worse amid the constant presence of the Israeli army and live-fire training. Roadblocks between the villages make it harder for the inhabitants to get in and out, and roads are closed to non-residents. As a result, many villagers have stopped using their cars. As in the old days, they ride donkeys or they walk.

Life in an IDF Firing Zone: For These Palestinians, It’s a Daily Nightmare


Classified document reveals IDF ‘firing zones’ built to give land to settlers

At 36, World’s Youngest Leader Boric Electrifies UN Assembly

At 36, World’s Youngest Leader Boric Electrifies UN Assembly

The Chilean president called on leaders to avoid turning a blind eye to human rights violations around the world, from Iran to Venezuela and Nicaragua. He also made a staunch defense of Ukraine, criticizing Russia’s “unjust” invasion of that country.


Chile’s Boric Is Becoming More Right Wing by the Day

Chilean president Gabriel Boric was hailed as a leftist leader. In fact, his administration has joined the U.S. in condemning Latin America’s revolutionary leaders, and voters rejected his proposed constitutional changes, with 62% opposed. Boric is a reformer who acts in league with right wing forces.

WATCH: Chilean President Boric Urges Solidarity for Palestine during UN Speech

US Secretary of State to visit Chile in early October and meet with president Boric

It’s interesting, to me, that he brings up human rights violations in nations that are the US’ boogeymen. I’ll give him credit for standing up for Palestinians, at least.