Renegade: Weaponising Our Rights

Published: 18 March 2022 Guests: Alfred de Zayas

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Weaponising Our Rights

Many Western organisations urgently need reviving, especially in the face of rising global authoritarianism, the weaponisation of human rights, a failing legacy media and the unintended effects of sanctions.

Renegade: Weaponising Our Rights

China’s Fortune Cookie Crumbles : Michael Hudson and Renegade Inc.

YouTube: China’s Fortune Cookie Crumbles : Michael Hudson and Renegade Inc.

Transcript & Final Notes

America doesn’t build infrastructure these days unless it’s monopolised. This is the political fight going on in the United States now. President Biden has a infrastructure plan that he’s scaled down from six and a half trillion to three and a half trillion. And essentially the bulk of the Democratic and Republican Party said if we can’t privatise infrastructure and make it a rent-extracting monopoly, we’re not going to do it, and we’re going to block the government from doing it. So in the United States, they’re going to have high priced infrastructure, high-priced health care and high-priced education while China is going to have low-priced transportation, low-cost infrastructure, free education, public health care. And you’re going to have a very high-cost United States unable to compete with the rest of the world. All it can do is make military threats or financial threats. If it tries to impose sanctions as it’s imposed on Russia, China and other countries, these are going to serve as protective tariffs for foreign countries.


Joe Biden wrote an op-ed in Washington Post about his Europe/G7 trip. The op-ed had 12 paragraphs and 16 mentions of the words “democracies” or “democratic.” This is the new religion of America, which cannot offer prosperity or economic freedom to its own people, let alone to others. The subliminal message about the word “democracy” is that it is the opposite of China and Russia, which were mentioned 7 times. In a nutshell, the core message is warmongering — how to contain the two nuclear-powered geopolitical rivals. These are very dangerous times.