UK to Give Ukraine Depleted Uranium Shells Despite Russian Warnings

Russia’s defense minister says the move brings the world closer to a ‘nuclear collision,’ Putin vows to respond

UK to Give Ukraine Depleted Uranium Shells Despite Russian Warnings


[2019] New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq

“Depleted Uranium (DU) is a toxic, radioactive heavy metal that is the waste byproduct of the uranium enrichment process when producing nuclear weapons and uranium for nuclear reactors. Because this radioactive waste is plentiful and 1.7 times more dense than lead, the United States government uses DU in munitions/ammunition which are extremely effective at piercing armored vehicles. However, every round of DU ammunition leaves a residue of DU dust on everything it hits, contaminating the surrounding area with toxic waste that has a half-life of 4.5 billion years, the age of our solar system, and turns every battlefield and firing range into a toxic waste site that poisons everyone in such areas. DU dust can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through scratches in the skin. DU is linked to DNA damage, cancer, birth defects, and multiple other health problems. The United Nations classifies Depleted Uranium ammunitions as illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction because of their long-term impact on the land over which they are used and the long-term health problems they cause when people are exposed to them.”

The Pentagon denies that they’re sending depleted uranium ammunition (if you can even believe them)!


A second ex-Guantanamo detainee says Ron DeSantis attended brutal forced feedings

A second ex-Guantanamo detainee has stepped forward to say that Gov. Ron DeSantis, while a U.S. Navy JAG officer in 2006, watched and allowed the brutal forced feedings of detainees that U.N. human rights authorities, an international physician’s group and others have condemned as a form of torture.

A second ex-Guantanamo detainee says Ron DeSantis attended brutal forced feedings

Israel and its US lobby Dealt Major Blow by China Saudi Iran Peace Initiative

On Thursday the New York Times ran yet another report about Saudi Arabia’s entry into an “Abraham Accord,” but if only certain conditions could be met. It quoted longtime Israel lobby heavyweight Martin Indyk and reported on the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s think tank the Washington Institute for Near East Policy “expert” delegation’s visit to Riyadh to finalize a deal. Then on Friday explosive news broke that China had successfully concluded a secret peace agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Israel and its US lobby Dealt Major Blow by China Saudi Iran Peace Initiative

DoD Will Spend $750,000 Torturing Animals, By Inducing ‘Havana Syndrome’, an Illness the Intel Community Cannot Prove Exists

The Department of Defense granted Wayne State University $750,000 to attempt to give ferrets “Havana Syndrome.” Earlier this month, the intelligence community concluded the illness is not caused by a weapon.

DoD Will Spend $750,000 Inducing ‘Havana Syndrome’ in Animals, an Illness the Intel Community Cannot Prove Exists


The Pentagon is funding experiments on animals to recreate ‘Havana Syndrome’ (PETA’s response included)