The Biden Zelensky Relationship: Who to Trust?

The Biden Zelensky Relationship: Who to Trust?

Is it destructive enough to shake Washington’s trust in Zelensky? Five days after the missile strike, former Australian ambassador to Poland and Cambodia Tony Kevin claimed that “There were unmistakeable signs this week of growing Western war-weariness and irritation with Zelensky’s endless demands for more weapons and money.” Then, echoing and amplifying Thomas Friedman’s report that “privately, U.S. officials are a lot more concerned about Ukraine’s leadership than they are letting on,” Kevin added that “There is growing speculation that Zelensky’s position as leader may be weakening. Washington may be considering replacing him, but it remains very unclear how and to what end.”


Ukraine: A War To Save The Rules-Based International Order?

Washington’s Fraudulent, Rules-Based International Order: Among the many deceptive arguments that Joe Biden’s administration has made about the Ukraine war is that Russia’s invasion is an attack of unprecedented severity on the liberal, “rules-based international order” established at the end of World War II. That allegation has been a constant theme of administration officials and their allies in the news media and the foreign policy blob. Proponents argue that the war is a global existential struggle between order and chaos, free societies and unprincipled aggressors. Biden has stated the thesis succinctly that the Ukraine war is nothing less than “a battle between democracy and autocracy, between liberty and repression, between a rules‐based order and one governed by brute force.”

Ukraine: A War To Save The Rules-Based International Order?

Disinformation, Absolutely + Sharp wind from the Bundestag

By Patrick Lawrence / Original to ScheerPost

1. Everything you will read in this commentary is disinformation.

2. To say that this commentary contains disinformation is disinformation.

3. To say statements calling this commentary disinformation are disinformation is disinformation.

Disinformation, Absolutely


Sharp wind from the Bundestag

People who try to report on the war in Ukraine from the Russian side or who try to provide humanitarian aid to those in need in the new Russian territories are excluded from public discourse. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are becoming hollow concepts. In the future, anyone who says something that looks like a “playing down of Russian war crimes” can be punished for “incitement of the people” according to a legislative amendment passed by the Bundestag in summary proceedings on Thursday. By Ulrich Heyden.

Confession Through Projection: Zelensky “Russia mines Kakhovka dam, threatens to flood Kherson”

Confession Through Projection: Zelensky “Russia mines Kakhovka dam, threatens to flood Kherson”


Oct 19, 2022 – First interview with new commander of Russian Army General Surovikin via Proletarian TV

Surovikin on the Kherson region: The Russian Armed Forces will ensure the safe, already announced departure of the population under the resettlement program being prepared by the Russian government;

– There are reports that Kiev may use prohibited methods of war near Kherson and conducting preparations for a missile strike on the dam of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant;

Note that General Armageddon mentioned the dam the day before Zelensky! This is why they’re evacuating Kherson!

Czech people take to the streets in record numbers against Nato’s war in Ukraine

Czech people take to the streets in record numbers against Nato’s war in Ukraine

On Saturday 3 September, as many as 160,000 protesters (more than double the 70,000 admitted by imperialist media) came out onto the streets in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Their demands were simple: end Czech involvement in the war in Ukraine and restore trade with the Russian Federation to resolve the soaring cost of living.

The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia was one of the few voices from the left that mobilised for the protest, with the party’s former vice-chair and current presidential candidate Josef Skála speaking from its platform and attempting to bring some much-needed socialist understanding to this broad popular movement.

Needless to say, the corporate media has vacillated between ignoring the demonstrators entirely and trying to dismiss them as extremists and ‘Kremlin agents’. The Guardian ran an article characterising the protest as a “coalescence of far-right and extreme left elements”, playing on the threadbare ‘red-brown alliance’ trope so beloved of western anticommunists.

Seemingly inspired by the Czech example, protests appear to have spread to Austria and Italy. These have been reported by Iran’s Press TV but largely ignored by western imperialist media.

EU parliamentarian calls to sanction Vanessa Beeley and all observers of Donbass referendums

MEP Nathalie Loiseau of France is lobbying for individual sanctions on all observers of the Russian-organized referendums in the Donbass region. She has singled out journalist Vanessa Beeley not only for her coverage of the vote, but for her reporting on the foreign-back war against Syria’s government.

EU parliamentarian calls to sanction Vanessa Beeley and all observers of Donbass referendums

NBC Reporter Tells Truth About War – Gets IMMEDIATELY FIRED!

Sep 27, 2022 – During the first Gulf War journalist Jon Alpert evaded his government controllers and censors to smuggle evidence of civilian casualties out of Iraq to show the American public the truth about the war’s devastating consequences. His higher-ups at NBC News had different ideas, however, and fired him rather than show the shocking footage. And then CBS News fired a producer who tried to bring Alpert on. It’s an appalling story of self-censorship in favor of war propaganda in the US news media.

Jimmy Dore



Oct 3, 2007 Jon Alpert traveled to Iraq in 1991 to document the war. Hours before his footage was to air on NBC, the network canceled its broadcast and fired him. In this Link TV interview, Robert Scheer discusses the firing and we air the controversial film.

Robert Scheer & Jon Alpert – The Price of Truth via Link TV