Brazil: More Fascism and Neocolonialism or a Path Back to Self-Determination?

By Danny Shaw,

(The author has changed certain names and details to protect individuals’ privacy.)

When you arrive in another country, there is nothing more precious than new friends who adopt you, protect you, and teach you about their language, music, culture, and traditions. For an open-minded traveler, ethnographer and anti-imperialist organizer, this new family is more valuable than any air-conditioned hotel, amount of comfort or money.

Brazil: More Fascism and Neocolonialism or a Path Back to Self-Determination?

A Final Word on “MAGA Communism” and Social Conservatism

Opportunism and foolishness have resulted in the latest example of U.S. decline, the concept of “MAGA Communism.” This absurdity is proof that a true socialist movement is badly needed.

A Final Word on “MAGA Communism” and Social Conservatism

Yes, it’s a thing! At least on Twitter and YouTube! Almost makes me want to open up a Twitter account just for laughs!

There’s so many other philanthrocapitalist organizations that need to be “destroyed” than just Open Society Foundations! Trump is also a war criminal for assassinating Qasem Soleimani, dropping the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan, eased restrictions on drone and air strikes, which resulted in more airstrikes than Obama, and so much more (no healthcare)!

Gross! He gives his sexual partners the same toothbrush!

At 36, World’s Youngest Leader Boric Electrifies UN Assembly

At 36, World’s Youngest Leader Boric Electrifies UN Assembly

The Chilean president called on leaders to avoid turning a blind eye to human rights violations around the world, from Iran to Venezuela and Nicaragua. He also made a staunch defense of Ukraine, criticizing Russia’s “unjust” invasion of that country.


Chile’s Boric Is Becoming More Right Wing by the Day

Chilean president Gabriel Boric was hailed as a leftist leader. In fact, his administration has joined the U.S. in condemning Latin America’s revolutionary leaders, and voters rejected his proposed constitutional changes, with 62% opposed. Boric is a reformer who acts in league with right wing forces.

WATCH: Chilean President Boric Urges Solidarity for Palestine during UN Speech

US Secretary of State to visit Chile in early October and meet with president Boric

It’s interesting, to me, that he brings up human rights violations in nations that are the US’ boogeymen. I’ll give him credit for standing up for Palestinians, at least.

What’s wrong with the USA?

China has been, variously described as a rising power, a sleeping dragon and a collapsing economy. Most of the rhetoric is driven from the US. Inside their government, both the Senate and Congress have anti-China hawks, their State Department seems to see a threat at every turning point and their military seems to believe that a defensive People’s liberation Army is a bad thing as it threatens US interests. Books reports and documentaries are created about mass dissatisfaction which extended academic research seems unable to identify.

What’s wrong with the USA? (archived)

UN Report Highlights Ongoing Racism in US

On August 30, 2022, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) released a report examining human rights violations in Azerbaijan, Benin, Nicaragua, Slovakia, Suriname, Zimbabwe, and the United States of America. A 24-member delegation from the United States including the mayor of Atlanta and representatives of federal and state agencies attended hearings held in Geneva, Switzerland. The United States is represented on CERD by Gay Johnson McDougall, a lawyer with expertise international human rights issues and racial discrimination. McDougall is affiliated with the Fordham University Law School.

UN Report Highlights Ongoing Racism in US

Haven’t seen this reported in mainstream media (except to emphasize access to abortion). Guess they’re too busy “reporting” on Xinjiang.

US Congress could consider whether or not to condition US aid to India on improvements in human rights, civil liberties

Members of the US Congress could consider whether or not to condition future American aid to India on improvements in human rights and civil liberties in the country, an independent and bipartisan congressional research body has said.The Biden Administration has requested USD 117 million in foreign assistance to India for FY 2023.

US Congress could consider whether or not to condition US aid to India on improvements in human rights, civil liberties


USAID chief Samantha Power holds talks with govt functionaries

The USAID said Ms. Power met with civil society representatives in Delhi on July 26 to discuss freedom of expression, speech, identity, and the importance of protecting the rights of minority groups.

“The Administrator underscored the United States’ continued commitment to work with civil society organisations around the globe to advance human rights and fundamental freedoms,” acting spokesperson of USAID Shejal Pulivarti said.

Cops Throw Man Suffering Diabetic Shock in Jail, Watch Him Die

When he was arrested in February of this year, Gilbert Gil, 67, had committed no crime and had harmed no one. Sadly, however, his innocence offered no protection from the pernicious abuse of the California police state.

Cops Throw Man Suffering Diabetic Shock in Jail, Watch Him Die

It’s sad that the police didn’t think about the possibility of these people having low blood sugar (lack of training?!)! I grew up with a diabetic and when their blood sugar gets too low, they tend to slur their words and their breath can smell like alcohol!