Western propaganda on Xinjiang often sounds like white supremacists

Western propaganda on Xinjiang often sounds like white supremacists

And herein lies the real problem. While living standards in the West – both economic and moral – are largely either declining or have stagnated, life in China is improving day by day. But Chinese people are supposed to be oppressed and poor. Seeing them grow rich irritates the propagandists to no end. Perhaps they can shout “It’s the birth rates” into the void to alleviate the pain.

Netanyahu Is Leading Israel Into Civil War Between Jews and Palestinians + More

Netanyahu Is Leading Israel Into Civil War Between Jews and Palestinians

What is indisputable, though, is his greatest decades-long magic trick: Building an almost impermeable bubble around Israeli Jews to shield and blind them from both entrenched oppression of, and escalating violence against, the Palestinians, both inside the 1967 borders and beyond them.

A whole generation of Jewish Israelis, raised in the safest (for them) Israel ever, have grown up with no awareness of the Green Line at all. They heard stories about the intifadas but for them, the conflict was ‘well-maintained’ and mostly out of sight and mind. The Abraham Accords, with the eager, unconditional embrace of Gulf states, seemed to prove that the there was no ‘Palestinian issue’ anymore.

What they couldn’t see from their segregated world was that for Palestinians, the conflict never ended.

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Hypocrisy kills

Israel’s War Cabinet Approves Escalated Aggression on Gaza

Critics of Biden as being a ‘progressive’ are mistaken. Understanding what ‘progressive’ means isn’t so easy.

The difference between “progressive” and “liberal” gets to the core of what politics in the real world is actually about, and of whether the nation is being controlled by the public (a democracy), or instead is controlled by the tiny percentage of the population who are enormously wealthy (an aristocracy — a capitalistic dictatorship, or also called “fascism” — so that the public are actually the nation’s subjects, instead of the nation’s citizens). Whereas progressivism is 100% supportive of democracy, liberalism is supportive of control by an elite, but one that supposedly represents the interests of the public. There is a big difference between progressivism and liberalism. Most simply phrased: Aristocrats always control the public by employing the popular mythology so as to motivate the majority to accept their own subordination to the aristocracy; and, whereas liberals support that, progressives don’t. This deception by the aristocracy minimizes the amount of physical coercion that will be needed in order for them to control the public. Progressives reject any mythology, and oppose any aristocracy. Liberals simply do not. Conservatives are the aristocracy. The noblesse oblige conservatives are the liberal aristocrats who say that they serve the public interest, but the other aristocrats say that they have no such obligation, and that their being an aristocrat proves their worthiness. And that is the way things function, in the real world. The ‘news’-media are important in deceiving the public so as to enable the aristocracy to control, and this is the reason why aristocrats buy ‘news’-media even regardless of whether those ‘news’-media are directly profitable: owning the ‘news’-media is providing a major service to the entire aristocracy, and therefore becomes repaid to such an owner in many other ways — all aristocrats want to please that member. It’s gratitude to a fellow-aristocrat, and that check can be cashed in many different ways.

Critics of Biden as being a ‘progressive’ are mistaken. Understanding what ‘progressive’ means isn’t so easy.