The first time I learned about Kent McLellan “Boneface” was through the investigation of Vasily Prozorov a former employee of the Ukrainian Security Services now uncovering the hidden truths of Ukraine on his channel UKRLEAKS.



18+: Interview and Chats with Former Azov Member Kent “Boneface” McLellan, Who Has Returned to the United States After Evacuation From Azovstal


I’ve seen the crucifixion video and it’s hard to tell if it’s real or not. More “fact-checks” claim that it’s propaganda than those that claim it’s real. It’s gruesome but the video ends right after they start the fire. The only website (Deep Gore Tube) that it seems to still be at has pop-up ads to porn sites. If you do click, to watch it, don’t say that I didn’t warn you!


Who are the Ukrainian integral nationalists?

Who knows the history of the Ukrainian “integral nationalists”, “Nazis” according to the terminology of the Kremlin? It begins during the First World War, continues during the Second, the Cold War and continues today in modern Ukraine. Many documents have been destroyed and modern Ukraine forbids under penalty of imprisonment to mention their crimes. The fact remains that these people massacred at least four million of their compatriots and conceived the architecture of the Final Solution, that is, the murder of millions of people because of their real or supposed membership in the Jewish or Gypsy communities of Europe.

Who are the Ukrainian integral nationalists?
The oath of loyalty to Führer Adolf Hitler by members of the OUN.
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Nazism in eastern Europe (and the US)

Notes for self:

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Bolivia’s Socialist Government Confronts Separatist, Racist Uprising

Bolivia’s Socialist Government Confronts Separatist, Racist Uprising

Leaders of the Santa Cruz department in Bolivia’s eastern lowlands, the nation’s largest, immediately demanded a census in 2023, not in 2024. Department governor Luis Camacho and Rómulo Calvo, president of the Santa Cruz Civic Committee, warned that without a settlement on the census, they would initiate a strike aimed at undoing the department’s economy, and thereby the national economy.

In response, “over one million Bolivians mobilized” on Aug. 25 in support of the government and against a regional leadership group that is the vanguard of opposition to Bolivia’s socialist and indigenous-led government. Even so, the strike began on Oct. 22. Recent Bolivian history suggests another coup may be in the offing.

The U.S. government and the Organization of American States, serving the United States, facilitated the coup that removed the Morales government in 2019 after his election to a fourth term. Luis Camacho of Santa Cruz led the coup and reportedly delivered the U.S. moneys used in various payoffs. Bolivia’s military participated.


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Who is Chrystia Freeland, Washington’s “prime candidate” for NATO Secretary-General?

The New York Times recently reported that Washington is promoting Canada’s deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, as its “prime candidate” to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as NATO secretary-general when the Norwegian’s term expires in September 2023.

Who is Chrystia Freeland, Washington’s “prime candidate” for NATO Secretary-General?


Canadian Foreign Minister Scapegoats Russian Hackers for Exposing Nazi Grandfather

Seems appropriate to me, considering that there have been Nazis in the NATO leadership, previously.

Flash : the West acknowledges that the denazification of Ukraine is a necessity

At the United Nations, on November 4, 2022, the Third Committee (social, humanitarian and cultural) approves eight draft resolutions. One is against

the glorification of the Nazi movement, neo-Nazism and former members of the Waffen SS organization, including by erecting monuments and holding public demonstrations in glorification of the Nazi past

Flash : the West acknowledges that the denazification of Ukraine is a necessity


52 Countries Vote Against UN Resolution Combating the Glorification of Nazism

Meanwhile, Biden calls Trump and ‘Maga Republicans’ a threat to democracy 🤡

The story of the Lions’ Den

The Lions’ Den was relatively unknown outside of Nablus until a few months ago but today they have gained hero-like status across Palestine — for leading a revival of armed resistance against Israeli colonialism. This is their story.

The story of the Lions’ Den

Video via Palestinian Chronicle TV


Ramzy Baroud on Gaza’s Lions’ Den Photos: ‘Armed Rebellion in Palestine is Now Imminent’

“This is a proof that the Lions’ Den is a popular Palestinian phenomenon that extends beyond Nablus, to the rest of Palestine,” Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle Ramzy Baroud said, commenting on newly-emerged photos of Gaza fighters wearing the Lions’ Den symbols.