‘Western’ Conflict Reporting Has Come Down To “Officials On Our Side Said …”

Larry Johnson is rightfully appalled by a New York Times piece that quotes a lot from ‘officials’ but fails to check any of their obviously false claims:

“I never cease to be amazed by the utter failure of journalists to assemble facts. I think it boils down to laziness. Why should you do any independent research or thinking that requires you to go to the front lines when you can gobble up and regurgitate pre-packaged talking points? You get paid the same and hell, you might even get a Pulitzer if you are the most enthusiastic purveyor of regime bullshit.”

‘Western’ Conflict Reporting Has Come Down To “Officials On Our Side Said …”

‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Perhaps you’ve heard: not only is Moscow about to maraud its way through Ukraine, not only is Tsar Vladimir I seeking a new Eurasian empire, but – as if to add insult to injury – Russia is “returning” to Africa in a big way, intent on “displacing” the influence of the continent’s apparently rightful influencers (interesting language, that – no?). Anyway, at least that’s the hyper-panicked Russophobic narrative emanating from America’s top think tanks, papers of record, and bipartisan but paltry politicians.

‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

Ukraine: Weapons Expert Urges Negotiation vs. “Military-First Approach”

Ukraine: Weapons Expert Urges Negotiation vs. “Military-First Approach”


June 18th, 2022 – Poor People’s and Low-Wage Workers’ Assembly and Moral March on Washington and to the Polls in 2022

There can be no ‘foreign policy for the middle class’ without a diplomatic resolution to Ukraine war

Hawks’ Arguments For Jacking Up Pentagon Spending Make No Sense

‘Nuclear Winter’ Discussed in Newly Released Reagan-Era Documents

Newly released government documents from the 1980s outline the devastation that would be wrought on the planet if nuclear superpowers go to war—which should serve as a reminder for policymakers to prioritize peace negotiations as the war in Ukraine rages on, according to Scott Horton, editorial director of Antiwar.com.

‘Nuclear Winter’ Discussed in Newly Released Reagan-Era Documents


Nuclear Winter: U.S. Government Thinking During the 1980s

US Can’t Find Indo-Pacific Nations to Host Anti-China Missiles

The US government funded a RAND Corporation report to determine which nation in the Indo-Pacific region would be suitable for hosting US missiles aimed at China. The answer was “none.”

However, the US is determined to change this conclusion not only in terms of hosting US missiles, but regarding Washington’s attempt to recruit nations across the Indo-Pacific region in its growing hostilities toward China.

US Can’t Find Indo-Pacific Nations to Host Anti-China Missiles

On the OSCE’s claims of Russian war crimes

by Eva K Bartlett

A report is circulating, alleging Russian war crimes in Ukraine. I’ll start by saying I’ve only skimmed the report as I’m in the DPR at the moment and don’t want to waste time reading what I already know to be lies based on dubious sources, much as the UN did in Syria [see: Guilty until proven innocent (again): UN report on alleged Russian ‘war crimes’ in Syria is based on]

On the OSCE’s claims of Russian war crimes

Recent Terrorist Attacks In Transnistria Hint At The Opening Of Another Anti-Russian Front

Recent Terrorist Attacks In Transnistria Hint At The Opening Of Another Anti-Russian Front

And finally, the last reason why the US-led West is likely behind the latest spree of terrorist attacks in Transnistria is because they might be trying to provoke Russia into beefing up its presence there so that it can then be spun as it “invading another independent country”. That would fuel the unprecedentedly intense anti-Russian infowar and perhaps also create the “publicly plausible” pretext for accelerating Moldova’s potential NATO membership along the lines of the Finnish-Swedish model (including de facto protection prior to its formal admission) and/or its (re-)unification with neighboring Romania that could lead to the same military-strategic outcome.


Are the attacks on Transnistria aimed at Russia?

If Transnistria is attacked, no matter from which side, Russia will have to respond, because, first of all, the Operational Group of Russian Forces in Transnistria and Russian peacekeepers will be involved in the armed clash.

Transnistria explosions: Attackers target radio towers

According to law enforcers, the explosions disabled two powerful antennas that broadcast Russian radio stations to the residents of the republic. The towers were built in the 1960s.

Washington pursues RAND’s plan in Kazakhstan, then in Transnistria

RAND Corporation: Overextending and Unbalancing Russia

Flip Transnistria and expel the Russian troops from the region would be a blow to Russian prestige, but it would also save Moscow money and quite possibly impose additional costs on the United States and its allies.

Can the US Credibly Condemn Russian Attacks on Civilians?

As someone who has written about multiple wars the US has engaged in, I’d have to say the US has no moral authority to condemn another nation on civilian casualties. I don’t think there is another nation on this planet, in our more ‘modern times’ that has killed more civilians than the US. That’s just reality.

Can the US Credibly Condemn Russian Attacks on Civilians?


Annexing Raqqa- Ethnic Cleansing & Where’s ISIS?