$9.8M lawsuit targets convoy leaders after GoFundMe cuts off 10M fund; Tamara Lich quits Maverick Party board & Some Interesting Theories (Updated)

$9.8M lawsuit targets convoy leaders after GoFundMe cuts off 10M fund; Tamara Lich quits Maverick Party board

More & Some Interesting Theories:

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Canada Must Investigate the Convoy Money

Startling Trump interference points to GoFundMe convoy campaign manipulation


Protest organizer: No intent to topple government … and no plan to leave until COVID mandates lifted

Steve Bannon Thought Jeffrey Epstein Was a Spy

Steve Bannon Thought Jeffrey Epstein Was a Spy

Charles Johnson, a conservative provocateur, worked with Bannon at Breitbart News, the right-wing website Bannon led for several years, and also got the impression that Bannon’s visits to Epstein involved the intelligence world. Johnson says that Bannon made several visits to Epstein’s New York mansion after he was ousted from the White House in August 2017. “He also offered to introduce me to him at one point,” Johnson tells Rolling Stone. (Johnson declined the offer.) “What I was told about that meeting by people close to Bannon was that he was trying to replace Epstein as a source for information from various intelligence networks. He saw Epstein as a rival or a partner but he wanted what Epstein had.” Johnson, who says he’s now a Biden supporter, said he has been cooperating with law-enforcement officials investigating Bannon.

In recent years, Bannon has become a close to Guo Wengui, a fugitive Chinese billionaire living in New York who has been locked in a dispute with his homeland. Guo has accused Chinese Communist Party officials of corruption; China has accused him of bribery, fraud, and blackmail. At the same time, Guo has been accused by one of his former business partners and a Chinese media star of, among other things, sexual blackmail. According to a lawsuit filed in New York and reports in Toronto’s Globe and Mail newspaper, Guo allegedly used prostitutes and hidden cameras to compromise powerful figures as a means of clout and control. A message sent to Guo’s representative seeking comment was not returned.

Just as he helped elevate Epstein’s status, Bannon has attempted to legitimize Guo. He has served on the boards of companies and nonprofits linked to Guo, some of which are reportedly under federal investigation. He had been living on Guo’s yacht when he was arrested last year for defrauding donors to a group trying to build Trump’s border wall.

How Steve Bannon Tried to Destroy Pope Francis

How Steve Bannon Tried to Destroy Pope Francis

Another role, geopolitical in measure, entails McCarrick’s diplomatic entreaties to China, having at one point worked with President Jiang Zemin (1993-2003) to normalize relations with Rome. (The Cardinal later played a role alongside Pope Francis in the diplomatic backchannel that led to President Obama’s opening to Cuba, much to the chagrin of the conservatives.) The conservative wing of the hierarchy seeks to revive Cold Warrior strains of rhetoric about persecuted religious minorities, a gesture synoptic with the neocon saber rattling towards Beijing. For example, Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong has links with the CIA-backed National Endowment for Democracy and previously expressed public skepticism of Pope Francis’ diplomatic overtures to the mainland. In contrast, the liberals have a much more nuanced and pragmatic approach, perhaps in part due to realization that, unlike the days of the adamant Polish patriot upon Peter’s Throne, it is very unlikely that an indigenous Chinese Catholic popular movement will dislodge the Communist Party in the fashion of Lech Wałęsa and Solidarność three decades ago. (Where the secular cynicism of the neocon militarist impulse diverges from the theological wishful thinking of over-zealous believers and clerics waiting on the divine intervention of St. John Paul II is hard to determine.)

Media outlets must not let George W. Bush shake off his responsibility for Trumpism

Media outlets must not let George W. Bush shake off his responsibility for Trumpism

Bush should know something about the problem of “misinformation” permeating American society, considering that he began the Iraq War based on intelligence that was not only false but for which he and other administration figures contradicted expert analysis. He also redefined torture as “enhanced interrogation” and lied about useful information being gained from it.

They forgot to mention Roger Stone:

Roger Stone’s dirty tricks helped sway the 2000 Florida recount

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