On the OSCE’s claims of Russian war crimes

by Eva K Bartlett

A report is circulating, alleging Russian war crimes in Ukraine. I’ll start by saying I’ve only skimmed the report as I’m in the DPR at the moment and don’t want to waste time reading what I already know to be lies based on dubious sources, much as the UN did in Syria [see: Guilty until proven innocent (again): UN report on alleged Russian ‘war crimes’ in Syria is based on]

On the OSCE’s claims of Russian war crimes

USAID Approves $131mn Investment To Counter Impact Of Russian War On Ukraine

USAID Approves $131mn Investment To Counter Impact Of Russian War On Ukraine

“With these funds, USAID will help address the horrific impact of the ongoing war on civilians, the private sector, government institutions, and civil society. This funding will also enable USAID to continue helping the Ukrainian government combat corruption; build defenses against cyberattacks, disinformation [propaganda], and other tools of Kremlin aggression; sustain democratic reforms; strengthen the healthcare system, and foster economic growth that benefits Ukrainians.”

Birth Pangs: Israel,Syria, Russia, Usrael Kurds etc.,

Birth Pangs: Israel,Syria, Russia, Usrael Kurds etc.,

Putin has been trying to breathe life into the Adana agreement for two years—an agreement between Damascus and Ankara struck in 1998 to maintain a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border. Not only would it restore security ties between Syria and Turkey, but also stabilize the entire border area. Originally created to root out the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)—deemed a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, and European Union—from Syria, the Adana agreement gives the Turks the right to enter up to five kilometers into Syrian territory in pursuit of the PKK.

Adana. The Adana Agreement- This has been talked about for longer then two years by Putin. Wonder how it is I’m aware of this fact? Why, I wrote about it more then once at my defunct blog. Have no fear, dear reader, I’m going to set to work digging up those old reports and drag them here. Because this is where they belong and this old agreement between Syria and Turkey may come into play? Depends on UsraelKurds of course. As well as France, Germany and others.


Washington or Moscow: decision-time for Erdogan in northern Syria + What Syria’s Kurds “Think” They are Fighting For Versus Reality

How the US Government Stokes Racial Tensions in Cuba and Around the World

10 September 2021 — MintPress News

BLM for Thee, but Not for Me

In Washington’s eyes, the point of funding Black, indigenous, LGBT or other minority groups in enemy countries is not simply to promote tensions there; it is also to create a narrative that will help convince liberals and leftists in the United States to support American intervention.

How the US Government Stokes Racial Tensions in Cuba and Around the World