Gonzalo Lira Is Alive and So Is His Bucha Video

Gonzalo Lira Is Alive and So Is His Bucha Video

Transcript of his interview:

Chilean Gonzalo Lira was taken by SBU, says he’s “OK”

I don’t have my computer and I don’t have my phone and and so anything that was published or posted on the Gonzalo Lira YouTube channel, the Coach Red Pill YouTube channel, the @realGonzaloLira Twitter feed and (telegram feed) after April 15th just discount it because it was not me. I did not have access to those accounts and I still don’t for that matter. And I don’t have my cell phone or access to my email accounts. I created a new one and that’s how I got in touch with Alex and I’ve been in touch with of course, I reached out to my family members, the people close to me and I’m telling them that I’m okay. In some cases I’m waiting for their reply because it’s three in the morning, four in the morning over there.

🤔💭 Maybe he reveals more, here, in his talk with The Duran?!