What Is Behind Claim Joe Biden ‘Laundered’ Billions in Ukraine Aid via FTX?

What Is Behind Claim Joe Biden ‘Laundered’ Billions in Ukraine Aid via FTX?

Multiple tweets, posted between November 12-15, 2022, claim that Ukraine sent billions of dollars sourced from foreign aid to FTX, which was then sent back to the Democratic party.

Caught in the tailwinds of the scandal, many onlookers have pointed out the links between FTX and U.S. political parties, particularly the Democrats.

Bankman-Fried’s personal contributions to the Democrats have been public knowledge for some time, and he was the subject of a Politico profile in August 2022 that described him as the “newest megadonor,” but he has also made contributions to Republicans.

He tweeted on November 5, 2022, that he was “a significant donor in both D and R primaries. Supporting constructive candidates across the aisle to prevent pandemics and bring a bipartisan climate to DC. And working with them to support permissionless finance.”

“As part of this, @rsalame7926 [FTX Executive Ryan Salame] and I signed up campaigns to accept crypto; and gave some, including millions to Senate & House Republicans.”

Earlier this year, it was reported by The Intercept that FTX executive Ryan Salame started American Dream Federal Action, his own super PAC focused solely on electing Republicans, into which he invested millions of dollars.

Salame also contributed to the Republican Senate Leadership Fund and Congressional Leadership Fund. These donations were also reported, as per The Intercept article above, prior to the collapse of FTX.

The underlying implication among the claimants—that the Democratic Party was the sole beneficiary of donations stemming from FTX wealth—is provably false.


FTX’s SBF has made donations to Republican and Democrat parties

First, if there was any money laundering, both Democrats and Republicans were involved. Second, I don’t believe anything that Hal Turner says because he was an FBI Informant,


If You Thought The FTC Was Going To Fuck Over Elon, Just Wait Until He Learns About The EU

We’ve already pointed out that the new Twitter under Elon Musk may be facing some big challenges from the FTC in the US. The company is under a consent decree, and it’s not clear that Musk is complying with the terms of the consent decree. And unlike SEC violations, violating an FTC consent decree can hurt. Between the FTC and the DOJ, they can make it hurt. The fact that basically all of the remaining Twitter execs whose necks were on the line for potentially violating the FTC consent decree quit at the same time should tell you something (I guarantee it told the FTC something).

If You Thought The FTC Was Going To Fuck Over Elon, Just Wait Until He Learns About The EU

US Treasury recommends exploring creation of a digital dollar

The Biden administration is moving one step closer to developing a central bank digital currency, known as the digital dollar. Administration officials say it’d help reinforce the U.S. role as a leader in the world financial system.

US Treasury recommends exploring creation of a digital dollar



A digital dollar would allow Americans to directly open up an account at the Fed

And while some have suggested that the Fed could potentially launch a digital dollar on a public network like Ethereum, Luther suspects that it would instead choose to launch on its own dedicated blockchain.

“A public blockchain would limit the government’s ability to control access and monitor transactions. I am not convinced it will give up control and oversight, even if doing so would be in the best interest of society.”

Fed’s Powell: a U.S. digital dollar could help maintain international primacy

The development of an official digital version of the U.S. dollar could help safeguard its global dominance as other countries issue their own, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said on Friday, weighing in with generally positive remarks on a hot-button topic at the central bank that has left policymakers divided.

Ten countries have already launched central bank digital currencies and another 105 countries are exploring the option, according to the Atlantic Council, leading to fears the dollar could lose some of its dominance to China.

One Man Has Set Up a $1.6 Billion Slush Fund to Fuel the Radical Right’s Takeover of Congress; Get Ready for a Dirty Tricks Campaign

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: August 26, 2022

The New York Times dropped a political bombshell on Monday. The public interest website, ProPublica, built further on the story that afternoon. And, as luck would have it, Wall Street On Parade finds itself in the unique position of filling in missing pieces of the story thanks to an investigative report we published in 2010.

One Man Has Set Up a $1.6 Billion Slush Fund to Fuel the Radical Right’s Takeover of Congress; Get Ready for a Dirty Tricks Campaign

Nancy Pelosi Visit to Taiwan Backfired….Asia Pacific Wants China!

Sep 3, 2022 – The world is watching Taiwan and now a month after Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan we are starting to see Asia Pacific countries speak out for peace and hope there is no conflict. In today’s video I document how the US foreign policy is too emotional and lacks strategic direction, both of which will result in a more dangerous and chaotic world.

Nancy Pelosi Visit to Taiwan Backfired….Asia Pacific Wants China! via Cyrus Janssen

Cyrus brings up Paul Pelosi Jr but he doesn’t mention which mining companies that Jr invested in. A quick search shows which mining companies and that he was also involved with a few other companies.


Nancy Pelosi’s Son, A ‘Green Technology’ and Lithium Investor, Was An ‘Unnamed Guest’ On Her Taiwan Trip

China Heralds Another Major Oil Discovery

China’s state-run China Petrochemical Group, Sinopec, says it has discovered a massive oilfield in the Tarim Basin, containing 1.7 billion tons of oil reserves.

The discovery is the result of exploration in the Shunbei oil and gas field, said to be one of the deepest commercial fields in the world, in the country’s Xinjiang region.

China Heralds Another Major Oil Discovery


Chinese Oil Giants Sinopec And PetroChina To Delist From NYSE

The Energy Industry in Xinjiang, China: Potential, Problems, and Solutions

How oil has shaped Xinjiang

Vast oil deposits discovered in Xinjiang

I’m sure Halliburton would love to get their hands on that oil! Oh wait, that was Iraq!

Elon Musk Still Wants Everyone (Including The Judge) To Believe His Fight With Twitter Is About Spam. It’s Not

from the that’s-not-how-any-of-this-works dept

Mon, Aug 8th 2022 09:36am – Mike Masnick

As I type this, I’m sitting in a (fairly uncomfortable) chair in the lobby of a Holiday Inn, having read through nearly 300 pages of legal filings of sniping between Elon Musk (165 pages) and Twitter (127 pages) trying to figure out how to best explain what’s in the filings in a meaningful and accurate way. Because the media coverage of this case continues to suck. For example, you may have heard that Elon Musk “countersued” Twitter. Headlines blasted that left and right and Musk’s fans lapped it up. I saw multiple tweets claiming that Musk was going to cost Twitter “so much” money by suing them back.

Elon Musk Still Wants Everyone (Including The Judge) To Believe His Fight With Twitter Is About Spam. It’s Not