The CIA Asset That Funded The Oklahoma City Bombing

The following is an excerpt from a longer piece in preparation describing the involvement of several individuals with known or alleged ties to the Central Intelligence Agency in the Oklahoma City bombing, the deadliest domestic terror attack in United States history. In the sanctioned version of events, easily found on e.g. Wikipedia, US Army veterans Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, whipped into anti-government rage by the massacres at Ruby Ridge and Waco, constructed a large truck bomb with no significant help from any other individuals and detonated it outside the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995, killing at least 168 people. This narrative is patently false; others were clearly involved in the bombing, a fact that was confirmed in no uncertain terms by both Terry Nichols and Tim McVeigh multiple times to multiple people. In this excerpt, I explore the story of Roger Moore, an especially interesting character who both Nichols and McVeigh have suggested played a much larger role in the events leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing than is publicly acknowledged.

The CIA Asset That Funded The Oklahoma City Bombing

H/T: 10/7/22 Boltzmann Booty on the CIA Asset who Funded the OKC Bombing

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Democrats Introduce Plan To “Fix” Social Security, the way we “fixed” the cat

“Democrats Introduce Plan To Fix Social Security, the way we fixed the cat”

And here is the tragedy. The people who have saved Social Security in the past from “bipartisan” efforts to destroy it, have been seduced into selling it out for a promise of higher benefits paid for by the rich, “The Rich” couldn’t have come up with a better plan if they thought of it themselves

Once Again – Fuck Noam Chomsky + The Education Department Will Forgive $5.8 Billion in Student Loans for Disabled Borrowers

Once Again – Fuck Noam Chomsky

Noam is calling for the unvaxed to be isolated from the rest of the racially pure Germans… oh… I’m sorry… from the vaccinated in America. What he is doing is what he used to call the ‘voluntary propaganda of the intellectual class’ and he should be called out for it. Harshly.

The Education Department Will Forgive $5.8 Billion in Student Loans for Disabled Borrowers

Holocaust Sources in Context

US to erase student debt for those with severe disabilities

US to erase student debt for those with severe disabilities

Advocates have pressed the Education Department to eliminate the monitoring period entirely and to provide automatic debt relief to people who the Social Security Administration already identifies as permanently disabled.

Under the new action, both demands will be met. Starting in September, the Education Department will start erasing student debt for 323,000 Americans identified in Social Security records as being permanently disabled.