Why capitalism now needs ‘lockdowns’ (social enclosure/segregation) and ‘medical’ tyranny

Because capitalism is working towards its own abolition by replacing commodity-producing labour with automated machines, capital’s profitability is increasingly dependent on low wages, high unemployment, public debt, state purchases, the centralisation of wealth, and — frankly — depopulation.

Why capitalism now needs ‘lockdowns’ (social enclosure/segregation) and ‘medical’ tyranny

Imperialism won’t be over after the U.S. empire falls

Underneath the bluster of a Trump administration that still acts like the United States is the world hegemon, the ruling class is working to pragmatically respond to the loss of America’s status as a dominant power. In 2017 the Pentagon put out a report that admitted American global influence is rapidly declining, and now that the U.S. is sure to soon lose its superpower status, the corporatocracy has to address this issue.

How will they address it? The answer can be found by recognizing a basic reality: whether or not the corporatocracy can hold onto the U.S. as their dominant engine for carrying out imperialism, they’ll always do everything possible to make imperialism continue in some form. Imperialism is how the U.S./NATO capitalist class have gained their wealth, so they’ll try to maintain it or else they’ll lose a vast amount of this wealth. I’ve covered in another essay the means through which our ruling class will try to retain control over the population of the imperial core. In this one I’ll detail the ways they’ll try to keep up the cycle of imperialist exploitation.

—- Rainer Shea

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