[2019] US military begins testing flying surveillance balloons across the country to TRACK people’s movements

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US military begins testing flying surveillance balloons across the country to TRACK people’s movements

The tests were carried out by U.S. Southern Command, or Southcom, which is part of the Department of Defense and is responsible for intelligence operations, security cooperation and disaster response in Central and South America. It’s a joint effort by the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army and other forces whose main task is finding and intercepting drug shipments that are destined for the U.S. According to the Guardian, as many as 25 unmanned solar powered balloons were launched from rural South Dakota and made their way 250 miles across the neighboring states in tests.


Worldview Stratollites are commercial high altitude balloons like Google Loon – Worldview had an explosion December 2017

Stratollites can maintain position over specific areas of interest for days, weeks, and eventually months on end. This allows for more sustained measurements and monitoring capabilities over a targeted area. Stratollites can carry a wide variety of commercial payloads (sensors, telescopes, communications arrays, etc.), launch rapidly on demand, and safely return payloads back to earth after mission completion.

Some interesting ‘coincidences’:

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Steve Bannon Called Bolsonaristas, ‘Freedom Fighters’ 🧐💭

Steve Bannon has spent months falsely saying the Brazilian election was stolen

“It’s the Brazilian Spring,” Bannon added. [Like the US-backed Arab Spring?!]

Then on January 8, as the pro-Bolsonaro riot was commencing in Brazil’s capital, Bannon repeatedly posted on Gettr that “Lula stole the election” and referred to the insurrectionists as “Brazilian Freedom Fighters.” [Like the US-backed Afghan Freedom Fighters or the Syrian Freedom Fighters?!]

If pics prove that someone is WEF-controlled than I guess Bolsonaro is?!


Twitter Thread: “The US right is backing an attempt at a color revolution in Brazil, & while the government isn’t fully endorsing it, the questioning of Brazil’s elections came from former gov officials & the west first not Brazil, which points to US Intel at play underneath the facade

YouTube: How Brazil’s Coup Attempt Was US Backed But Not J6 w/ Addy Adds

Steve Bannon:

He is a former executive chairman of Breitbart News and previously served on the board of the now-defunct data-analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.

While serving in the navy, he earned a master’s degree in national security studies in 1983 from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

Bannon was an officer in the United States Navy for seven years in the late 1970s and early 1980s; he served on the destroyer USS Paul F. Foster as a surface warfare officer in the Pacific Fleet, and afterwards as a special assistant to the chief of naval operations at the Pentagon.

Cambridge Analytica and the Right-Wing Populist Movements

WikiSpooks: Georgetown University

Spies Like Us: The Spooks of Georgetown

Brazil Is Having Its Own Jan. 6 Right Now

Brazil Is Having Its Own Jan. 6 Right Now (archived)

Much like former U.S. President Donald Trump, the right-wing populist Bolsonaro has claimed for years that the country’s elections are riddled with fraud, claims many elections officials, election security experts, and fact-checkers have adamantly refuted. Bolsonaro has even alleged that detractors attempted and failed to steal the election from him in 2018. For weeks since Bolsonaro’s defeat by leftist opponent Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Nov. 1, his supporters have been calling for a coup. Trump allies Steve Bannon and Jason Miller have reportedly been advising Bolsonaro since his defeat, and his son, Brazilian congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, has reportedly met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Video via Mizoto Tv


Bolsonaro Backers Storm Government Buildings

The three buildings, representing Brazil’s three branches of government, are connected through Three Powers square. Brazilian TV aired footage of the attackers in the palace, per the AP. Bolsonaro, who left Brazil for Florida before Lula took office, did not immediately comment on the violence—evocative of the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol. Aides to former President Donald Trump have met with Bolsonaro’s aides since Brazil’s election, per the Insider, and Steve Bannon recommended contesting the results of the Oct. 30 vote. Like Trump, Bolsonaro has not conceded the election. Brazil’s justice minister tweeted Sunday that reinforcements are on the way to stop the invasion. “This absurd attempt to impose their will by force will not prevail,” said Justice Minister Flavio Dino posted. (Read more Brazil stories.)

More videos from Brazil

Capitalism’s Court Jester: Slavoj Žižek

One of the most prominent intellectuals in the contemporary world was named to the list of the “Top 100 Global Thinkers” in Foreign Policy magazine in 2012. He shares this distinction with the likes of Dick Cheney, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Benjamin Netanyahu, and former Mossad director Meir Dagan. The theorist’s best idea—according to this well-known publication that is a virtual arm of the U.S. State Department—is that “the big revolution the left is waiting for will never come.”

Capitalism’s Court Jester: Slavoj Žižek


Upcoming: Gabriel Rockhill | Why Slavoj Žižek is Capitalism’s Court Jester (YouTube)

The Rational Destruction of Yugoslavia

Twitter Files, Laptopgate, & Ukrainegate go back to the Euromaidan (at least)

Yes, the New York Post story was censored but the story itself wasn’t anything new to me. They may have ‘revealed’ Hunter’s ties to Burisma but they never dug deeper, as to why he was working for them, nor did they reveal that the US government overthrew a democratically-elected government! A Republican-controlled House may investigate it, but they won’t reveal the true reason, because then they’d be implicating themselves (it was a bipartisan venture)! If anything, they’ll make a big deal of Hunter’s dealings with a now-defunct Chinese company to feed into the China-threat hype and provoke another proxy war! Who wins?! The Military Industrial Complex!

Zerohedge: Elon Musk Releases THE TWITTER FILES: How Twitter Collaborated With “The Biden Team” To Cover Up The Hunter Laptop Story

Finally, it will be very interesting to see which “independent”, “impartial” and “objective” members of the Mainstream Media cover the Twitter Files, which unlike all that Russia collusion bullshit, was a real and actionable attempt to interfere with US democracy by covering up one of the most explosive political stories of a generation, not to mention an event that would have swayed the 2020 presidential election.


Forbes: Musk’s ‘Twitter Files’: Internal Hunter Biden Debate Revealed With Much Hype But No Bombshells

Axios: Musk’s “Twitter Files” spotlights Hunter Biden story ban

Politico: ‘This will be awesome’: Musk leaks Twitter’s Hunter Biden files

CNN: Released Twitter emails show how employees debated how to handle 2020 New York Post Hunter Biden story

NYP Laptopgate: Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad


Leaked Messages Reveal the Origins of the Most Vile Hunter Biden Smear

More Leaked Audio: Bannon Bragged That He Used Porn to Help Smear Hunter Biden

Ukraine, Trump, Biden — The Real Story Behind “Ukrainegate”


Euromaidan 2014 – Orange Revolution – War in Donbass