Trump’s Final Days of Rage and Denial

Trump’s Final Days of Rage and Denial

He has been enabled by Republican leaders unwilling to stand up to him, even if many privately wish he would go away sooner rather than later. After being called “profiles in cowardice” by an ally of the president, 75 Republican state legislators from Pennsylvania on Friday disavowed their own election and called on Congress to reject the state’s electors for Mr. Biden. Only 25 of 249 Republican members of Congress surveyed by The Washington Post publicly acknowledged Mr. Biden’s victory.


Trump demands names of the congressional Republicans who said they recognize Biden as winner

WaPo’s Coronavirus Updates 04.01.2020

The latest


Over 3,000 people in this country have died from covid-19, which is more than the number of deaths in the initial Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

After a former FDA administrator suggested every person should wear a mask in public for an extra layer of protection, the CDC is considering adding the idea to its recommendations. But the group isn’t talking about medical masks – especially not N95 masks.Here’s what we know about the possible mask directive.

“Serology tests” has become a new pandemic buzz term. Some experts believe that testing coronavirus survivors’ blood is what could allow us to reopen society in safe ways. The test is at the root of almost every plan to restart the nation.

Ford and GE estimate they won’t be able to produce 1,500 ventilators until the end of April, after the point when health experts say the surge in U.S. hospitals will be greatest and well below estimates of what will be needed during that surge.

Social closeness can bolster the immune system, which is why doctors and psychologists are so worried about the effects of our new, 6-feet-apart reality. But there’s hope in the data: science shows simple acts or words of kindness can have a powerful impact.