There’s Something About Tulsi

Interesting information about Tulsi’s connections (it’s a long one)! See the bottom for her connections to other Intelligence Agencies and the WEF. H/T: The Popular Show (they mentioned the Twitter thread, towards the end of the video, but didn’t expound on it).

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Tulsi Gabbard CALLED OUT by Kim Iversen For Supporting PRO WAR Republicans

Oct 17, 2022 – Zac & Gavin react to Tulsi Gabbard getting called out on Twitter by Kim Iversen (formerly of The Hill’s Rising).

Tulsi Gabbard CALLED OUT by Kim Iversen For Supporting PRO WAR RepublicansThe Vanguard


Trump Advisor: Bolduc’s Ukraine Comments ‘Disqualified’ Him for U.S. Senate

Bolduc, who lost a GOP Senate primary in 2020, has been taking a steady stream of incoming fire over wild speculation he made during a Fox News TV appearance last weekend. His comments about how the CIA or military could “get in there on the ground” in Ukraine, using “special operations troops” and “indirect fires and direct capabilities” to attack Russian targets were viewed as so inflammatory, he was called out on the air by the network’s Pentagon correspondent.

Tulsi Gabbard says she’s LEAVING the Democrats

Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard announced Tuesday morning she is leaving the Democratic Party in a series of tweets criticizing their ‘cowardly wokeness’ and accusing them of ‘stoking anti-white racism’.

Tulsi Gabbard says she’s LEAVING the Democrats


Video: Why I’m leaving the Democrat Party

The Untold Truth Of Tulsi Gabbard

Hopefully, she stays an Independent. Update: Wasn’t impressed with her video. She seemed to imply that we don’t have the right to ‘freedom from religion’, which is false. As with Republicans, she complained about Conservatives being targeted but no mention of Biden also going after Socialists. The Biden Administration is going after anyone that isn’t satisfied with their policies! She seemed to be pandering to the right. 🤷🏼‍♀️

US Senate Candidate Diane Sare Responds to Ukrainian Blacklisting; Questions Schumer’s Intention

US Senate Candidate Diane Sare Responds to Ukrainian Blacklisting; Questions Schumer’s Intention

H/T: Diane Sare talks about being on the Russian Propagandist Blacklist via Issues that Matter with Cynthia


Ukraine Blacklist

Source. (Google Translation)

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Ukraine’s National Cybersecurity Cluster is supported by the U.S. Department of State! CRDF Global is funded by the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency!