Diplomatic Immunity, American-Style


In a recent podcast, Kevin Barrett stated that the rule of law has disappeared in the US. This is so obviously true to outsiders looking in, and is even more true of American official conduct abroad, but I find myself wondering about the extent to which Americans generally are aware of this and how it is perceived.

Diplomatic Immunity, American-Style

Russian MoD Shows Map Showing Possible Consequences of Ukrainian-US Provocation at Zaporozhye NPP + More

Russian MoD Shows Map Showing Possible Consequences of Ukrainian-US Provocation at Zaporozhye NPP

“The ultimate goal of the provocation is the creation of an exclusion zone of up to 30 kilometers, the introduction of international forces and foreign observers into the NPP’s territory, as well as the accusation of the Russian armed forces of nuclear terrorism,” Lt. Gen. Igor Kirillov, the head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense of the Russian armed forces, said on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, Russian MoD spokesman Igor Konashenkov told reporters that Kiev plans to stage a false flag attack on the Zaporozhye NPP during Friday’s visit to Ukraine by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.


Any radiation leak at ZNPP would be violation of Article 5 of NATO charter – British MP

He’s reacting to the following story, by The New Voice of Ukraine, which has shady connections*:

Russia preparing false flag operation at Zaporizhzhia NPP, ISW report says (archived)

The ISW “report” is by The Institute for the Study of War, a Neocon think tank:

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America Is Headed for Class Warfare + More

Nothing has revealed the class divide in the U.S. quite like runaway inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. But in addition to the economic impact the staggering incompetence of the Biden administration is having on the working class, there is a political one; it’s undeniably driving working class voters even further from the Democrats and toward the GOP.

America Is Headed for Class Warfare


“Workers aren’t getting bailed out like the billionaires”: Detroit workers livid over surging gas prices

“It’s just really hard to live”: Chicago workers describe impact of surging food and gas prices