‘Kraken’ attorney’s message for Trump fans: Make checks payable to Sidney Powell

‘Kraken’ attorney’s message for Trump fans: Make checks payable to Sidney Powell


Fired Trump lawyer Sidney Powell claims Iran and China used Venezuelan voting machine software to rig election in favor of Biden and says 96,000 absentee ballots in Georgia were NOT recorded – in typo-ridden lawsuits with flimsy ‘expert’ evidence

If Trump is so concerned about Election Integrity, why did his legal team distance itself from Sidney Powell?!


The danger of a Trump coup is rapidly escalating

The danger of a Trump coup is rapidly escalating

It’s becoming increasingly apparent though, that very serious people are directing the strategy off-screen. Steve Bannon, the confirmed white supremacist and architect of Trump’s nationalistic and xenophobic “America First” policies, appears to be the one laying out the president’s battle plan. And behind Bannon has long stood the big money of those capitalist interests who’ve never had much concern for democracy, especially if it gets in the way of profits.

Within hours of the election ending, on Nov. 5 Bannon declared the outlines of the approach we now see coming to fruition: “Fortune favors boldness… Kick it to the state legislatures, kick it to the House of Representatives…. We win there.”



Times Editorial Lets Slip Joe Biden’s Latin America Policy: More Obama-Style Coups

Times Editorial Lets Slip Joe Biden’s Latin America Policy: More Obama-Style Coups

What the authors are referring to is a continent-wide campaign to unseat progressive leaders that ended in the jailing of Brazilian president Lula da Silva, the impeachment of his successor Dilma Rousseff, and the rise of the far-right authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro. The so-called Operation Car Wash (“Lava Jato” in Portuguese) was ostensibly an attempt to root out corruption at all levels of society. Yet leaked documents and recordings have shown that, from the beginning, it was a naked powerplay attempt by Brazil’s rich elite to retake control of society from the progressive Workers’ Party administrations through legal means.

NYT: Biden’s Plans for Latin America: End ‘Bully Dictating Policy’

Mr. Biden’s advisers say they would seek to revive the anti-corruption campaign that set off political earthquakes across the Americas starting in 2014, but largely stalled in recent years.


How the United States killed Brazil’s Democracy. Again.

Venezuelan Hard Right Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Flees to Spain

Venezuelan Hard Right Opposition Leader Leopoldo Lopez Flees to Spain

Long seen as one of the most prominent anti-Chavista figures, Lopez had been in the Spanish Ambassador’s residence for 18 months. He was freed from house arrest by rogue intelligence officers during the failed military putsch on April 30, 2019 and sought refuge in the embassy after the coup attempt fizzled out.

The founder of the far right Popular Will party was a key actor in the 2002 failed coup attempt against then President Hugo Chavez and later played a leading role in the 2014 violent “guarimba” street protests which left 43 people dead. He was found guilty of public incitement to violence and association to commit crimes and convicted to a 13 years and nine months prison sentence in 2015, which was commuted to house arrest two years later.


Leopoldo López Speaks About His Escape From Venezuelan Justice

Spanish Prime Minister and Leopoldo López Meet (PSOE)

Venezuela Condemns Spain for “Facilitating the Escape of Terrorist Leopoldo López”