MEK Israel Derailing Failed – Democrats Try New Tactic

MEK Israel Derailing Failed – Democrats Try New Tactic

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has alleged that negotiators don’t yet know if Tehran is serious about making a deal in Vienna. The US negotiators are talking with Iran’s negotiators on the sidelines of the meetings of the remaining JCPOA signatories. But perhaps the opposite is true. In spite of severe provocation, Iran did not abandon the talks and has kept its baseline proposition – if the US wants to re-join the JCPOA it must credibly lift sanctions and Iran will scale back its nuclear enrichment to agreed levels. Maybe, by focusing heavily on Iran’s compliance without offering a clear commitment to lifting the sanctions, it is the US that is not serious about the talks.

Iran Nuclear Deal JCPOA & Attempts To Sabotage America’s Return Using MEK

Nusantaranews, Indonesia, April 20 2021

Do not miss the Mujahidin-e Khalq terrorist organization, abbreviated as MEK, which is known for its killings and bombings. This terrorist organization strongly opposes US-Iran diplomacy. In March 2021, a number of US Senators, including Senator Bob Menendez, the strong chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, attended a virtual event hosted by the MEK-backed Iranian American Community Organization (OIAC) calling for continued US sanctions on Iran.

Iran Nuclear Deal JCPOA & Attempts To Sabotage America’s Return Using MEK

Austrian crackdown on Palestinian NGOs signals slide into tyranny

Austrian crackdown on Palestinian NGOs signals slide into tyranny

A third explanation seems to relate to the Austrian government’s commitment to US President Donald Trump’s forceful push for the “deal of the century“, which requires the rapid removal of all impediments, including the numerous pro-Palestinian NGOs that operate throughout Europe and the West.

A favoured turn of phrase is that anyone who expresses support for the rights of Palestinians or works to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian refugees, or provides clothing for Palestinian orphans, must be pro-Hamas and subsequently seen as suspect. Besides violating the basic rights and freedoms of citizens, it is also highly dangerous, as it could potentially be exploited by extremists on all sides.

For true stability, the scourge of extremism, all forms of extremism, must be overcome. To misdirect the struggle against the likes of Islamic State and far-right neo-Nazis, which all of society is united behind, to another struggle targeting peaceful elements that hold certain political views or carry out humanitarian and charitable work, is to divide society, and to hand an easy victory to extremists and terrorists.