Chris Hedges: Wrecking the Left

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to journalist Diana Johnstone about the betrayal of the Left with its historical role as the champion of social justice and peace now replaced with the boutique activism of identify politics, political correctness and what has become known as humanitarian intervention, the justification of US and NATO adventurism and wars on the specious belief it would liberate the women of Afghanistan or the peoples of Iraq.

Diana Johnstone’s memoir is Circle in the Darkness: Memoir of a World Watcher. Johnstone was the European editor of In These Times from 1979 to 1990, and her work has appeared in New Left Review, Counterpunch and Covert Action Quarterly.

Chris Hedges: Wrecking the Left


[2017] Antifa in Theory and Practice: Storm Troopers of the Neoliberal War Party

China Is a Challenge, But an Asian NATO Is Not the Answer

China Is a Challenge, But an Asian NATO Is Not the Answer

First, the US is not threatened militarily by China. No one imagines that a nonexistent Chinese carrier group is going to descend upon Hawaii, conquer the islands, and then head toward the West Coast. There is no evidence that the Chinese Communist Party has such ambitions. Anyway, Beijing would have little success even after an enormous military buildup. Such is the disparity in cost between projecting power across the Pacific and deterring such an attack. Which correspondingly limits Washington’s military options against the PRC.

At stake in East Asia is American influence rather than security. A challenge to the former is not unimportant but is very different than a military threat against the US proper. China poses no meaningful danger to America’s territory, population, prosperity, liberties, or constitutional order. Instead, Beijing is resisting Washington’s attempt to effectively impose the Monroe Doctrine in Asia, that is, to dominate the region up to China’s border.

Inside China’s High-Speed Rail Project Bound for Southeast Asia

Inside China’s High-Speed Rail Project Bound for Southeast Asia

Arguments against the construction of Thai and Laotian high-speed rail based merely on passenger numbers and revenue projections are lazy arguments and are made primarily by a West otherwise unable to compete with China’s growing influence and role in Asia – a region the US saw itself maintaining primacy over for another century.

The Myths of American Imperialism

The Myths of American Imperialism

The United States of America is a world empire. A century ago Teddy Roosevelt expressly campaigned for the expansion of American empire, and today we have all the hallmarks of empire. We have units of our military stationed all over the world. We use our military to enforce what our leaders say are our national interests anywhere in the world with little concern for international law, as when we violated international law by launching a war of aggression against Iraq. Our politicians clamor for the restoration and preservation of “American leadership” in the world, by which they clearly mean American domination over other countries in our own interests, particularly our short-term economic interests. Our military budget is nearly as big as the military budgets of very other nation in the world combined. We act as the world’s policeman, and we are able to and do interject ourselves into remote conflicts that affect us only indirectly. The way in which it is simply assumed that the United States plays a major role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, for example, demonstrates our status as the dominant world empire.

Nations Should Begin Removing Facebook, Twitter, and Google from Their Information Space

The Thai government has begun legal proceedings against US-based social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This comes at a time when nations around the globe have begun pushing back against the abusive American tech firms and their role in advancing US foreign policy and in particular, illegal US interventions including war.

Nations Should Begin Removing Facebook, Twitter, and Google from Their Information Space

Belarus to abandon outreach to West & focus foreign policy on developing relationship with Russia & China – influential senior MP

Belarus to abandon outreach to West & focus foreign policy on developing relationship with Russia & China – influential senior MP

In his opinion, Belarus’ “top priority” should now be “strengthening political, economic and military relations with Russia, within the framework of the Union State.” The MP also noted that the country should focus on its relationships with China, India, Iran, Turkey and Vietnam, to help the country become part of a “Eurasian macroregion.”