Steve Bannon at the head of the new Mont-Pelerin society: How can neo-fascism be neo-liberal?


The ideologue of Trumpism promotes a right-wing movement that aims to reorient the political and economic management of the world towards an extreme liberal right.

Steve Bannon at the head of the new Mont-Pelerin society: How can neo-fascism be neo-liberal? (Original in Spanish)



Article was “fact-checked” by me. Everything checked out, except that Nina Rosenwald founded the Gatestone Institute. Although, Rebekah Mercer was on the Board of Governors.


In 2016, Gatestone partnered with The Rebel, a Canadian media company “with a history of bigotry and anti-Semitism,” to produce a series of 12 “cross-branded videos.” The videos feature “misinformation expertDaniel Pipes and Geert Wilders, and promote “paranoid, apocalyptic far-right themes vilifying Muslims and refugees.” A 2017 article in The Independent, found that Gatestone was one of two “US right-wing foundations” that have sponsored Wilders’ trips to America.

Between 2014-2016, the Mercer family foundation, run by Rebekah Mercer, contributed $250,000 to Gatestone. In April 2017, journalist Eli Clifton revealed that “Mercer had been listed as a member of the board of governors” of Institute. Following inquiries from news outlets, Gatestone deleted any mention of Mercer on its board.

Mail fraud? Biden’s postal inspectors tracked pro-gun activists

The U.S. Postal Service monitored protesters across the country, snooping on Americans focused on issues involving guns and President Biden’s election, according to records obtained by The Washington Times.

“We determined that certain proactive searches iCOP conducted using an open-source intelligence tool from February to April 2021 exceeded the Postal Inspection Service’s law enforcement authority,” the Postal Service watchdog said in a March audit. “Furthermore, we could not corroborate whether other work analysts completed from October 2018 through June 2021 was legally authorized.”

Mail fraud? Biden’s postal inspectors tracked pro-gun activists

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Is the USA Scoring Self-Goals With Its Ukraine Policy?

There has already been significant criticism of the Ukraine policy of the USA government from a perspective of world peace. The base of US policy is the concept of a proxy war that can bleed and weaken Russia as much as possible (at great cost to the people of Ukraine as well as the peace and stability of the rest of the world). This has been documented at several places. However another important aspect which has unfortunately received very less attention is that the Ukraine policy of the USA government also seriously violates the real, broader interests of the USA government and people.

Is the USA Scoring Self-Goals With Its Ukraine Policy?


Nearly 90 Percent of the World Isn’t Following Us on Ukraine

Globalization can function only if most participants believe it advances their interests. If the rest believe the West is unfairly using the system for its own benefit, the rules- based international order falls apart and alternatives will emerge.

These concerns are generating considerable anti-Western sentiment across much of the Global South. While a nuclear-armed Russia shows no willingness to end a war its leaders cannot afford to lose; the West is rapidly losing the rest and thus undermining the very rules-based international order it has sought to create. Our most promising solution to this dilemma is likely to be some sort of diplomatic compromise.


What is Really Behind Iran’s Unrest?

Sep 25, 2022 – The Western media is depicting unrest in Iran as “the people” demanding social justice and women’s rights. In reality, it is part of a years-long effort by Washington to foment upheaval and regime change in Iran.

Policy papers from 2009 detailed step-by-step how the US could overthrow the Iranian government and install an obedient client regime in its place. Since then, each step has been implemented verbatim with varying degress of success, and the process, as we can now see, continues today.

What is Really Behind Iran’s Unrest? (Odysee) via The New Atlas


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US partially lifts Iran sanctions to stoke “anti-government protests by providing internet access, the Treasury Department said”

US partially lifts Iran sanctions

Iranian officials have already alleged that forces from “outside the country” are working to stir up unrest over Amini’s death. On the same day that protesters first took to the streets in Iran, China warned fellow members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which Iran joined that day, to beware of foreign-instigated “color revolutions.”

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Millions rally across Iran to condemn violent foreign-backed riots

“The enemy’s recent plot, which is followed by collecting, unifying, organizing and training all the failed and scattered capacities and equipping them with weapons of violence and Daesh-style behavior, is a vain attempt and doomed to failure,” the IRGC said in the Thursday’s statement.

At least 35 people have been killed, including five security personnel, during the “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests (over 60 ambulances have been destroyed). MEK claims that the death toll is 4X more than is being being reported.

On another note, Elon Musk told Augustin Antonelli that he will “save” Cuba, as well. Agus Antonelli is from the right wing think tank, Fundación Libertad. Fundación Libertad is affiliated with the Atlas Network, which has “quietly” received funding from the NED, the State Department, and the USAID.

Why Ukraine referendum is a big deal

The referendum on September 23-27 in the Donbass and southern Kherson and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine on their accession to Russian Federation is, prima facie, an exercise of the right of self-determination by the native population who reject the western-backed regime change in Kiev in 2014 and the ascendancy of extreme nationalist forces with neo-Nazi leanings in the power structure.

Why Ukraine referendum is a big deal

House candidate, J.R. Majewski, called himself a combat vet. Records show he wasn’t.

Campaigning for a northwestern Ohio congressional seat, Republican J.R. Majewski presents himself as an Air Force combat veteran who deployed to Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, once describing “tough” conditions including a lack of running water that forced him to go more than 40 days without a shower.

House candidate called himself a combat vet. Records show he wasn’t.


The AP reported that documents indicate J.R. Majewski “never deployed” to Afghanistan. He repeatedly claimed that he did in media appearances.