Verdict in the MH17 crash case – Show trial and parody of justice

On 17 November 2022, the Hague Tribunal [District Court of The Hague in Netherlands] delivered its verdict in the MH17 crash case, convicting three of the four defendants. And if the trial quickly turned out to be a parody of justice, the verdict itself is delirious, so much so that its text contradicts itself from one sentence to the next and shows that the conviction of the defendants has more to do with the political will to have a judicial spectacle than with the evidence in the case.

Verdict in the MH17 crash case – Show trial and parody of justice (archived)


YouTube: ‘MH17 – Call For Justice’ Documentary


Note that this court is not the ICJ or ICC. It’s the District Court of The Hague in Netherlands, part of the Dutch judiciary.


18+: Videos appear to document execution of Russian POWs by Ukrainian armed forces

The New York Times has verified the authenticity of videos apparently showing the execution of 11 surrendering Russian soldiers in the village of Makeyevka, Luhansk, in Eastern Ukraine earlier this month.

Videos appear to document execution of Russian POWs by Ukrainian armed forces

Video via Enema of the State


Russian prisoners of war executed by soldiers from Ukraine’s 80th brigade — LPR militia

RT: Videos showing execution of Russian POWs in Ukraine are authentic – NYT (Alternative link, if blocked)

[3-8-22] Trump Calls Out ‘Fake News’ Over Reports He Did Nothing for Ukraine

Trump Calls Out ‘Fake News’ Over Reports He Did Nothing for Ukraine

“The fake news media refuses to report that I was the one who, very early and strongly, gave the anti-tank busters (Javelins) to Ukraine, while Obama/Biden was giving blankets, to great and open complaints,” Trump said in a statement Tuesday.

“Then [President Joe] Biden came in, and canceled the remaining military equipment that was packed, loaded, and ready to be shipped. Now the fake news media is trying to say that Trump gave Ukraine nothing, and it was Biden who is their great friend and gave them weaponry. The dishonesty is so unbelievable. All I can do is report it!”

“When Trump was elected, the first thing they did was send in the Javelin,” U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for European and NATO Policy Jim Townsend said at the time. “It wasn’t exactly high-end, but we were very happy, and they built on a very firm foundation.”


Trump Says Russia-Ukraine Tensions ‘Would Never Have Happened’ Under His Presidency:

The Russian Embassy in Washington said if the U.S. was “truly committed to diplomatic efforts to resolve the internal Ukrainian conflict” it would “abandon plans to supply new batches of weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

On the claim that Obama didn’t send military weapons to Ukraine (supposedly he just didn’t send Javelins)

U.S. officials were concerned that providing the Javelins to Ukraine would escalate their conflict with Russia. Key allies, including Germany, were not keen on sending weapons into the conflict zone, said Michael Kofman, an expert on Russia and senior research scientist at the CNA Corporation.

The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, which became law in November 2015, called for “lethal assistance such as anti-armor weapon systems, mortars, crew-served weapons and ammunition, grenade launchers and ammunition, and small arms and ammunition.”

Russia Continues Grinding Away Ukrainian Military & Electrical Power

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for November 21, 2022

– Russian makes incremental gains in the Donbass region;

– Ukraine’s power grid continues to degrade under Russian missile and drone strikes;

– Ukraine continues denying responsibility for missile strike in Poland;

– US claims NASAMS air defense systems performed at 100% effectiveness, provide no numbers or proof of this claim;

– There are not enough NASAMS arriving in Ukraine over the next several years to protect Ukraine from further Russian missile and drone salvos;

– Ukraine has more or less abandoned Kherson city;

– US DoD admits Ukraine cannot achieve its main objective of expelling Russia;

– Failure to achieve Ukraine’s objective while continuing to fight and lose men and equipment equates to demilitarization;


Russia Continues Grinding Away Ukrainian Military & Electrical Power (Odysee)