32 Years After US Disabilities Act, No Plans to Ratify UN Treaty It Inspired

32 Years After US Disabilities Act, No Plans to Ratify UN Treaty It Inspired

The administration says it supports “disability-inclusive development and humanitarian action” around the world.

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USAID Announces Commitments at the Global Disability Summit:

In keeping with the “Year of Action” for disability-inclusive democracy stemming from the Summit for Democracy, USAID will support the empowerment of persons with disabilities and their representative organizations to be active participants in civic engagement and the political and public life of their countries.

USAID is weaponizing disability rights for regime change!

U.S. targets Russia with tech to evade censorship of Ukraine news

U.S. targets Russia with tech to evade censorship of Ukraine news


US funds software for Russians to slip past censors:

While some, like Ukraine’s leadership, have called for Russia to be cut off from the internet, others have noted access is key for opposition groups.

OTF was used during the Hong Kong riots/failed color revolution:

Hearing Reveals US Govt’s Invisible Hand in Protests Around the World

Washington finally admits it has been interfering in Hong Kong

Washington’s Anti-Chinese “Pan-Asian Alliance”

For US Corporate Media, Not Intervening in Chinese Politics Is Journalistically Suspect

Origins of OTF:

Internet Privacy, Funded By Spies (BBG is now USAGM)

[1999] CIA’s War Against China

by Ralph McGehee, December 1999

The US has again asked the UN to condemn China’s human rights record. Our nervousness over this issue is increased by the scheduled reversion of Hong Kong to Chinese rule next year. The condemnation request has been accompanied by a barrage of media stor ies about China’s treatment of orphans, the Laogai prison system, the lack of political freedom and other issues. Observers of international political developments will recognize such stories as the standard accompaniment of operations by the CIA/NED to alter or overthrow target governments. The US corporate-owned media, in league with government agencies, orchestrate media coverage to demonize states in conflict with corporate plans. (Many of the media stories seem to be generated by the “privately funded” US-based Human Rights Watch/Asia). Once and if the Chinese government is changed and serves well the corporate state, even if any abuses multiply — we will hear no protest.

CIA’s War Against China
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US Condemns Chinese Military Build-Up the US Itself Provoked

Brian Berletic

US Indo-Pacific commander Admiral John Aquilino has recently complained about China’s militarization of the South China Sea. He has accused China of placing anti-aircraft and anti-ship systems along with other military facilities on islands scattered throughout the South China Sea.

US Condemns Chinese Military Build-Up the US Itself Provoked


US to build anti-China missile network along first island chain