US paranoid about Russia-China summit

The arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court against Vladimir Putin can only be seen as a publicity stunt by the Anglo-Saxon clique, with the US leading from the rear. Ironically, though, the ICC acted on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Iraq in 2003, which led to horrific war crimes but the “judges” at Hague slept over it. Both Washington and London admit today that the 2003 invasion was illegal — based on trumped up allegations against Saddam Hussein.

US paranoid about Russia-China summit

Antony Blinken’s Nord Stream Pipeline Prophecy From 35 Years Ago

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40 years before the #NordStream pipeline explosions, the United States CIA blew up #Russia’s Trans-Siberian pipeline, which carried natural gas from the #Soviet Union to Western Europe. The tremendous blast was the largest non-nuclear explosion ever seen on Earth from space.

Antony Blinken’s Nord Stream Pipeline Prophecy From 35 Years Ago


Flashback: CIA plot led to huge blast in Siberian gas pipeline