On The ‘Woke’ Flight To Taiwan + More

On The ‘Woke’ Flight To Taiwan

That too old ‘woke’ lady with the massive freezer full of very expensive ice-cream let it know through Taiwanese media that she wants to arrive in Taipei tomorrow, August 2, at 22:30 local time (14:30 UTC) and stay over night.

There is also this thought, by Cynthia Chung, which might become relevant:

In October 2019, Jake Sullivan, who became U.S. National Security Advisor in 2021, stated in an interview that the U.S. needed a clear threat to rally the world and play the role of saviour of mankind and that China could be that organizing principle for U.S. foreign policy. In the 2019 interview, he acknowledges that the problem was that people were not going to believe that China is a global threat, that their view of China is too positive and that the United States would need a “Pearl Harbour moment,” a real focusing event to change their minds, something he calmly stated that “would scare the hell out of the American people.”

She correctly traces such ‘Pearl Harbour moment’ thinking back to neo-conservative movement. Chung closes with this:

Thus, when Jake Sullivan observes that there is not enough anti-China sentiment to bolster an image of the United States as a “saviour of mankind” against China and that America is in need of a “Pearl Harbour moment” I would be very wary.

The circus around Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan in the coming days, and evident glee that is coming forth from many of these neocons frothing at the mouth over this prospect is a clear sign that something incredibly reckless and stupid is about to happen.

Pelosi’s airplane might indeed be shot down on her completely irrelevant and unnecessary trip to Taiwan, and if it is, don’t be surprised if it was the Americans themselves who are behind it, who have shown they are willing to do anything for that “Pearl Harbour moment.”


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War on the Horizon with China (The Neoconservative Dream)

Have neoconservative policies regarding China stopped with just “regime change”? Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard, believes that it must happen for the best interests of American foreign policy. In the latest news, US military forces have been reported to have been in Taiwan for at least 12 months to strengthen its defenses against intensifying Chinese aggression. Taiwan is considered “self resilient” against China, however, China has shown no aggression towards the country. Yet we continue to gradually move toward a conflict with a country which has been seen as a threat to our world economy and hegemony with indo-china. The Pentagon meanwhile has criticized its own slow in progression of it’s defense strategy. General John E. Hyten, Joint Chiefs of Staff, referenced the unprecedented speed at which Beijing is developing its military capabilities, particularly the modernization of its nuclear arsenal, as one of the Pentagon’s top concerns. But at what cost will this be at the average American citizen?

YouTube: War on the Horizon with China (The Neoconservative Dream)


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Israel’s Lawyer Speaks Up

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran BY PHILIP GIRALDI • UNZ REVIEW • AUGUST 17, 2021

America’s foreign policy is a funny thing, except for the fact that it is no laughing matter. Given the recent sentencing of whistleblower Daniel Hale for revealing to the media that the US military’s drone program kills innocent civilians including many children 90% of the time, one has to wonder what the “humanitarian” Joe Biden Administration is up to. Hale will presumably serve 45 months in a federal prison though the actual time in the slammer might be closer to 18 months if he behaves and submits to counseling.

Israel’s Lawyer Speaks Up