Why Liberals Hate Poor White Trash

But it would be insufficient to suggest that liberals only hate white trash because they vote for Republicans. The term “liberal,” in the popular imagination, has become synonymous with upper-middle-class white urbanites, a stereotype borne out by statistics. They are a well-educated cohort—widely-read enough to understand the problems with society and capitalism but too insecure in their position to do anything that might challenge the system that has brought them relative benefit—and therefore enjoy programs which give the surface-level appearance of progress and equality. This explains their support for means-tested social programs, LGBT rights, the importation of cheap labor (under the guise of diversity), their veganism, and—most recently—their frankly fetishistic fixation on the concept of white privilege, completely devoid of any class analysis whatsoever.

Why Liberals Hate Poor White Trash


Culture War or Class War: What’s Behind Liberals’ Contempt for Poor “White Trash?”