Tiananmen Square


**Updated 06-05-2021

The greatest achievement of Western propaganda still has to be the myth of a June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square massacre, with talk of hundreds if not thousands of protesting students mowed down by military machine guns.

‘the crowds attacked the buses as they entered Beijing, incinerating dozens of soldiers inside, and only then did the shooting begin.’ (and NOT in Tiananmen Square)

‘Reuters refused to publish a photo of a charred [policeman/soldier] corpse strung up under an overpass — a photo that would have done much to explain what had happened.’

(still, not in Tiananmen)

Body of lynched and burned Chinese soldier hanged from a building by Tiananmen Square.

The widely distributed photo of Tankman — the lone student standing before a row of army tanks & heavily publicised as showing brave defiance against a cruel regime — was in fact taken the day after Tiananmen events, and the tanks were moving away from, not into, Tiananmen Square

‘some have asked how those protesters came to use gasoline bombs against the troops — a weapon not used by Chinese rioters — and why so many vehicles came to be destroyed?’

“In a frenzy, the thugs burned more than 120 public buses and trolley buses at street intersections.” (New Star Publishers)

It seems fairly clear that Tiananmen Square was a failed Western intelligence agency backed colour revolution, as the disinformation is too big to be uncoordinated.

The role of US & UK intelligence:

US Embassy cable: “the beating to death of a PLA soldier appeared to have sparked the shooting”:

“APCs destroyed or captured by students and weapons turned over”

“The troops lack of weapons indicates that order not to use force had still been in effect”

Western media never published this photo of a soldier killed & burnt by the protesters.

 Soldiers burnt to death by mobs

“Some have found it uncomfortable that all this conforms with what the Chinese government have always claimed..that there was no “Massacre in Tiananmen Square.” CBS News, 2009.

The body of a dead soldier, who was lynched and burned, near the Communist Party headquarters. Beijing, China, June 4, 1989

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The greatest achievement of Western propaganda still has to be the myth of a June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square massacre.



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