The Truth About Xinjiang

**Updated 06/29/2020**

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Originally published 05.24.2019:

In May of 2019, Mike Pompeo warned China, about their treatment of the Islamic Uyghurs! The rehabilitation centers looked MUCH BETTER than Gitmo (where the U.S. would jail terrorists), when I saw a special on them earlier that year! Not to mention, they were voluntary for those that wanted the learning skills to get a job!

How could anyone believe that the Trump Administration cares about Muslims when they ban them from entering the country and history has shown that America bombs them in the Middle East!

The CIA lies have been busted!

We have identified the names spreading the lie of ‘Uyghurs are being tortured’, through social media, one by one. We are busting the lies of this ‘gang’, which is conducting a systematic effort to undermine the Turkey-China relationship.

A Reddit AMA Claiming To Be A Uiyghur Quickly Exposes A CIA Asset Slandering China

Rushan Abbas an Uyghur “activist” who has worked for a long list of US regime change organisations from US State Dept, Dept of Justice, Radio Free Asia, Homeland Security and even worked at Guantanamo Bay during the Bush Administration

On 12.10.2019:

    Both U.S. & China’s media reports that the “camps” have been closed down:

Reuters: “China says people held in Xinjiang camps have ‘graduated’, condemns U.S. bill”



The education and training programs in Xinjiang have yielded positive results, said Xu Hairong, Party chief of the regional capital Urumqi.

It saved to the greatest extent trainees with a history of terrorism, religious extremism or criminal behaviors, eliminated the ground and conditions for terrorism and religious extremism and protected the citizens’ basic right to be free from the harm of terrorism and religious extremism, according to Xu.

“People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have truly felt that without the education and training, the current peaceful days would not be possible,” Xu said.

Foreign officials, diplomats, journalists and those in the religious circle who have visited the centers also agreed that Xinjiang’s counter-terrorism and deradicalization efforts meet the purpose and principles of the United Nations on defeating terrorism and protecting basic human rights and are worth commending and sharing, Xu said.

Shohrat Zakir said trainees have all graduated after participating in education and training programs of standard spoken and written Chinese, understanding of the law, vocational skills and deradicalization at vocational education and training centers in Xinjiang.

With the help of the government, they have achieved stable employment, improved their quality of life and been living a happy life, he said.

For the next step, Xinjiang will offer regular and open education and training to village officials, Party members in rural areas, farmers and herdsmen and unemployed middle school graduates who have the willingness and need for such education, he noted.

The education and training will be carried out based on principles under which trainees’ wishes and independent choices are respected, he said, adding that attendees are free to join or quit programs at any time. Training programs will be tailored to meet trainees’ needs, and the periods of programs will vary based on the courses.

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