**Islamic scholars visit China’s Xinjiang, praise measures taken to ‘combat terrorism

**What Tim Pool Should Know About Our Cold War With China

**UN Xinjiang Report Casts Serious Doubts on Impartiality and Credibility of UNCHR

**Updated: UN Accuses China of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang
**Xinjiang-Related Report Shows OHCHR ‘Serves US & EU Geopolitics,’ Ex-UN Independent Expert Says
**UN Accuses China of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ in Xinjiang

**Islamic envoys say China is protecting minorities in Xinjiang after five-day visit

**Beijing’s Decades-Long Policies in Xinjiang, CIA Interference, Funding of Separatist and Terrorist Groups

**Credibility and the ‘Xinjiang Police Files’ (archived)

**Xinjiang Police Files: Zenz’ Reality Warping

**‘Forced labor’ stories on China brought to you by US gov, NATO, arms industry to drive Cold War PR blitz

**Australian think tank ASPI found linked to prison labor, human trafficking

**How to Debunk Atlantic Council’s Anti-China “Uyghur Genocide” Lies

**Foreign Affairs; Breaking China Apart

Even More Resources (Google Keeps Removing the Document)

Xinjiang de-radicalisation saves Islam from hijackers

Coalition Pushing Beijing Olympics Boycott Comprised of US-Funded Destabilization NGOs

Winners, losers in Xinjiang cotton row

China challenges UN high commissioner: Come to Xinjiang, but not for ‘investigation based on guilty before proven’

Exclusive: US ‘Worker Rights Consortium’ extorts $300,000 from Chinese, US firms by fabricating Xinjiang ‘forced labor’ issue

Page originally published 05-24-2019.

The CIA lies have been busted!

We have identified the names spreading the lie of ‘Uyghurs are being tortured’, through social media, one by one. We are busting the lies of this ‘gang’, which is conducting a systematic effort to undermine the Turkey-China relationship.

A Reddit AMA Claiming To Be A Uiyghur Quickly Exposes A CIA Asset Slandering China

Rushan Abbas an Uyghur “activist” who has worked for a long list of US regime change organisations from US State Dept, Dept of Justice, Radio Free Asia, Homeland Security and even worked at Guantanamo Bay during the Bush Administration

12.10.2019 – Media in both U.S. & China report that the “camps” have been closed down:

Reuters: “China says people held in Xinjiang camps have ‘graduated’, condemns U.S. bill”


TFF’s “Behind The Smokescreen” Report**

Who’s Behind the Lies:

PDF: A special report from the Australian Alert Service

Playing Genocide Politics: The Zenz-Xinjiang Case

Canada: Subcommittee report declaring “Uighur Genocide” dominated by researchers and groups funded by CIA cut-out, National Endowment for Democracy

2009 – The CIA And Rioting Uyghurs In Xinjiang:

2007 – German foreign policy makers have held talks with Chinese separatists.

The Munich based “World Uyghur Congress (WUC)” announced its president, US-based Rebiya Kadeer, was received by the German foreign ministry.

Berlin has been escalating its anti-Beijing secessionist offensive.

Germany – and intelligence circles – have been cultivating relations with Uyghur exiled politicians.

‘Current transatlantic activities promoting anti-Chinese separatism and weakening Beijing, are based on decades of German-US cooperation.’

Playing Genocide Politics: The Zenz-Xinjiang Case

Fake Twitter videos

Viral Fake Footage of ‘Chinese’ Atrocities Shows the Power of Narrative Spin

Special Report on Xinjiang: Anglo-Americans sponsor ‘East Turkistan’ campaigns

Australia China relationship: the untold perspective



The Xinjiang Genocide Determination As Agenda

US anti-China lobby cashed in on ‘forced labor’ campaign that cost Uyghur workers their jobs

In 2018 the US Was at War With Uyghur Terrorists. Now It Claims They Don’t Even Exist

US trained Uighur terrorists

Independent Media Parrots Questionable Uyghur Genocide Claims

‘Uighur card’ used to break up China (1997 article)

“Wipe out China!” US-funded Uyghur activists train as gun-toting foot soldiers for empire

The Biggest Lie About China’s Xinjiang “Internment Camps”

The Xinjiang Atrocity Propaganda Blitz

Adrian Zenz Shows There’s NO Uyghur Genocide

Inside the World Uyghur Congress 

Seasonal workers in Xinjiang labeled by Western media as ‘forced labor’: Exclusive with French writer Maxime Vivas

Why Do These Uighur Witnesses’ Stories Constantly Change?

Unmistakable US hand in Xinjiang

Every Uyghur Allegation, Debunked (As of 2020, July 27th)

Adrian Zenz, Jamestown Foundation and how to manipulate the ‘free’ press


Behind the U.S. anti-China campaign

NED Admits That It’s Funding Terrorists!

US State Department accusation of China ‘genocide’ relied on data abuse and baseless claims by far-right ideologue

Turkish-Uyghur Terror Inc. – America’s Other Al Qaeda

Behind the China Riots — Oil, Terrorism & ‘Grey Wolves’

Following quotes from: Court Documents Shed Light on CIA Illegal Operations in Central Asia Using Islam & Madrassas

Another player from Sibel’s Gallery is Enver Yusuf Turani – Prime Minister of East Turkistan, a ‘country’ recognized by only one country, the United States. East Turkistan, aka Xinjiang, is officially a part of China, and home to the Uyghur people and the “Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement,” a UN-nominated terrorist organization “funded mainly by Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network and received training, support and personnel from both the al-Qaeda and the Taliban regime of Afghanistan.” In fact, the Uyghurs constitute a significant percentage of detainees – at least 22 – at Guantanamo Bay since 2001. Five of those have been set free, and were eventually sent to Albania, amid much controversy.

According to TurkPulse:

“One of the main tools Washington is using in this affair in order to get Turkey involved in the Xinjiang affair is some Turkish Americans, primarily the Fetullah Gulen team who are prosecuted in absentia in Turkey for trying to found a theocratic State order in this country because he runs his activities from the United States, his protégé. Another Turk used in this affair is Enver Yusuf Turani, who is the self styled Foreign and Prime Minister of the East Turkistan Government in exile. He has been an American citizen since 1998. Enver Yusuf is in close cooperation with Fetullah Gulen… Their activities for the government in exile are based on a report entitled “the Xinjiang Project” drafted by Graham Fuller in 1998 for the Rand Corporation and revised in 2003 under the title “the Xinjiang Problem.” It emphasises the importance of the Xinjiang Autonomous region in encircling China and provides a strategy for it.”

In fact, Abramowitz and Fuller were key players in the establishment of ‘East Turkistan,’

“proclaiming the government in exile within 4-5 months, starting in May (2004) and completing the proclamation in mid- September. The ceremony was held at Capitol Hill under American flags in Washington.”

25. In the 1970s and the 1980s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA had built up a network of contacts with the Uighur separatist elements and some of those, who had in the past worked for the Munich-based Radio Liberty of the CIA such as Erkin Alptekin, chairman of the Europe-based Eastern Turkestani Union  and a close Uighur associate of the Dalai Lama, are now in the forefront of the ethnic separatist movement. [Source]

Exhaustive List of Links disproving Washington D.C.’s narrative:

**Organisation of Islamic Cooperation ‘commends’ China for its treatment of Muslims

**Pakistani diplomat narrates visit to China’s Xinjiang

**Washington is Playing a Deeper Game with China (Urumqi riots)

A Muslim’s Perspective on the Uyghur Narrative (Archived)

“Stain of the Century?” An Investigation of Uyghur Genocide Allegations Ep. 173

Why African countries support China against the West on human rights

Genocide accusations against China Sinophobic propaganda, says former UN expert

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XinJiang: Facts Vs. Fiction

China, The West, And The Uighurs: A Special Report (Archived)

U.S. Xinjiang propaganda is about preparing for a Ukraine-style fascist coup in western China

Why is the US obsessed with smearing Xinjiang through gimmicks?

Does the West Repeating Claims of China Committing Genocide in Xinjiang Reify It? (Archived)

Foreign Correspondent: What’s Really Going on with China’s Uighurs?

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On Xinjiang issues: What a strange ‘genocide’!

The Number Of Uyghurs Has Tripled – The U.S. Calls It A Genocide – Propaganda Fails To Explain It

China announces ratification of extradition treaty with Turkey

Survey debunks lies on Xinjiang’s population


U.S. public gets fake news about China’s alleged anti-Muslim campaign

Uyghur issue: China — a victim of baseless propaganda

Behind the U.S. anti-China campaign

Exposing the Occident’s baseless lies about Xinjiang


Xinjiang : The New Great Game

Xinjiang offers real-site photos to debunk satellite images ‘evidence’ of ‘detention centers’

A Comparison of Respect for the Sanctity of Mosques in France, the US, and China (Archived)

The Uyghur Issue: How Can the U.S. Dare Lecturing China About the Rights of the Muslims?

“Uighurs forced to eat pork” – Horror Stories Told By Chinese Defector Seem To Evolve

China’s Xinjiang Problem – Made in USA

A Journey to the Autonomous Region of Xinjiang, China

What is really happening in Xinjiang?

What are Uyghurs doing to fight back against the mistreatment they receive from China? (Archived)

Debunking baseless propaganda about Xinjiang

Pakistani diplomat narrates visit to China’s Xinjiang

China’s Uyghur Problem — The Unmentioned Part


Scholars, religious leaders rebut Pompeo’s remarks on Xinjiang

What’s False And What’s True On China-Related Human Rights Matters

UN’s visit to Xinjiang refutes allegations

How Did I Become Such a World Renowned Expert on Xinjiang? – Jerry Grey

ABC Four Corners “Tell the World” Analysis – Jerry Grey

US Fueling Terrorism in China

March of the Uyghurs

A “Holy War” Against China

The biggest lie of 2019: that China is putting Muslims in “concentration camps”

China’s Strategy in it’s War on Terror: Jobs Not Drones

Civil Rights Groups and Pro-war Republicans–An unholy Alliance in the Soft War Against China

Uyghur Jihadist Group in Syria advertises ‘little jihadists.’

XinJiang: Facts vs Fiction

No, the U.N. did not report that China has ‘massive internment camps’ for Uighur Muslims

NYT’s “Leaked” Chinese Files Story Covers for Terrorism

EASTERN TURKISTAN ISLAMIC MOVEMENT — UN has them listed as a terrorist group, associated with Al Qaeda.

Seventy Years of U.S. Destabilisation in China. U.S. Sponsored Uyghur Insurgency in Xinjiang

China is saving the Uyghurs from jihadist indoctrination

Washington’s Major Push for Xinjiang


Is Langley Unleashing Jihad Against China in Xinjiang?

Are China’s Uyghurs The Latest “White Man’s Burden”?

Ambassador tells truth of Xinjiang

Analyst: China Faces Sustained Campaign to Malign It Over Xinjiang

China hails human rights progress amid calls to close detention camps

The Untold Truth About Xinjiang

China invites foreign diplomats and urges agencies to visit training centers in Xinjiang

BBC says China building schools is bad

“East Turkistan” Terrorist Forces Cannot Get Away With Impunity

Xinjiang attack leaves at least 15 dead

Documentary deepens understanding of Xinjiang history, reality

This thread is a reproduction for posterity of a good thread by @OohTheChilliOil, an account deleted by Twitter for unknown reasons, on the “Uighur Genocide”.

Breaking down the BBC’s visit to Hotan, Xinjiang

The Case of the Keriya Aitika Mosque

46 countries voice support for China’s anti-terrorism and de-radicalization work in Xinjiang

US Plans to Fracture China — CIA Funding for Terrorists, Narcotrafficking and Proxy Groups

NED’s grants to Uyghur Human Rights Project and World Uyghur Congress ($2,738,698 since 2016)

Australian offers candid observation of Xinjiang distinct from Western characterizations

A Case Study In Racist Anti-Chinese Sentiment Fueled By American Bots and Western Propaganda

Beijing, Kunming, Urumqi and Guangzhou: The Changing Landscape of Anti-Chinese Jihadists

AP Exclusive: Uighurs fighting in Syria take aim at China

Interesting: Female Imams Blaze Trail Amid China’s Muslims

Uyghurs, Political Islam & The BRI

Insurgency in Xinjiang Complicates Chinese-Pakistani Relations
Videos (YouTube links will open in new window):

Associated Press Spreads More Fake Xinjiang News, More than Just Propaganda (Odysee)

Why is the West attacking China on Xinjiang

Two Uygur women share stories of their life, debunk rumors about Xinjiang

How media outlets manipulate facts about Xinjiang population

Five Uyghurs Explain Their Lives in Xinjiang, China

Citizens of Xinjiang Speak Playlist

Tianshan: Still Standing – Memories of fighting terrorism in Xinjiang

China’s ‘Muslim Question’ (text)

China defends internment camps for Uyghur Muslims | Al Jazeera English

A look inside a vocational education training center in China

Global Times Responds to Leaked Chinese Files 

Xinjiang has many natural resources that U.S. private businesses would love to get their hands on:

The Energy Industry in Xinjiang, China: Potential, Problems, and Solutions

How oil has shaped Xinjiang

Vast oil deposits discovered in Xinjiang

More information & videos in a comment by Julius Skoolafish.

Some more information about China:

Famous Mosques in China


China Is More Democratic Than America, Say the People, Jun 2020