Euromaidan 2014

**Added 10-15-2021: Crimeans Still Strongly Prefer Russia Over Ukraine

*Updated 03-28-2021: NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard

Biden Taps Architect of 2014 Ukraine Coup for State Department

What is the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED)?

Ukraine: Maidan 2014 & After

How and why the U.S. government aided a coup led by neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Source: StormCloudsGathering

The Odessa Massacre

The Obama Administration, EU, and NGOs, planned an illegal coup d’etat of the Ukrainian government. The article, below, summarizes much of it, and includes many links that I recommend checking out.

All U.S. Gov’t. Accusations Against Russia’s Gov’t. Are Lies

U.S. Imperialism and the Ukraine Coup

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The Most Hated Man Who Ever Lived

The White Book on Violations of Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Ukraine

War Crimes in LNR and DNR-The Unannounced War

The Truth About Referendum in Ukraine

Source 2.

Stop Saying, “Putin Invaded Ukraine and Annexed Crimea”

Crimea applies to be part of Russian Federation after vote to leave Ukraine

Crimeans Keep Saying No to Ukraine

Ukrainian Independence Day: What it’s Come to Mean

How Maidan Protesters Were Shot from Maidan-Controlled Buildings: Video Appendix H

Ukrainegate 2019/2020

Dutch Government Outright Lies about MH17, to Blame Russia | The Vineyard of the Saker

The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in CrimeaArchived