Ukraine: Maidan 2014, Et al.

Ukraine: Maidan 2014 & After For The Citizens Of Eastern Ukraine

Source: StormCloudsGathering

The Obama Administration, EU, and NGOs, planned an illegal coup d’etat of the Ukrainian government. The article, below, summarizes much of it, and includes many links that I recommend checking out.

All U.S. Gov’t. Accusations Against Russia’s Gov’t. Are Lies

U.S. Imperialism and the Ukraine Coup

George Soros Admits to Funding the Ukraine Crisis

U.S. Support of Violent Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation

War Crimes in LNR and DNR-The Unannounced War

Donbass – DPR & LPR Playlist by Graham Phillips:

Minsk Agreement 02/15/15

Ukraine Independence Day: What Does it Mean

Graham Phillips’ reporting on Ukrainian Shelling in Donbass (18+).

Crimea Misrepresented in The West – From a Resident

Source: 108morris108

Published on Feb 19, 2017

An American citizen lived in Crimea since 2006 now becoming a Russian citizen and relinquishing his US citizenship.

Crimea applies to be part of Russian Federation after vote to leave Ukraine

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