CPUSA vs Dugin

Note that my research is in no way to denigrate anyone! It’s just done out my own curiosity!

03-17-2022 Update.

Connecting LaRouche with Dugin:

The Izborsk club, founded on Lyndon LaRouche’s 90th birthday last Sept. 8 (a fact of which the group officially took note), brings together leading patriotic, anti-liberal Russian analysts with figures close to the Kremlin. Its new report was co-authored by General Leonid Ivashov (former head of the International Relations Department of the Ministry of Defense), Academician Sergei Glazyev, editors Alexander Prokhanov and Alexander Nagorny from the weekly Zavtra, and historian Andrei Fursov, among others.

Russian Patriotic Group also Warns: War Threat Closer, More Terrible

The so-called Izborsk Club was established with the aim of unifying patriotic conservatives. Its main goal is to create and present analytical reports to the Russian authorities and society. All these works should contribute to creating a renewed public-oriented policy in all spheres of national life. The Izborsk Club’s ideological direction could be labeled social conservatism, which is a synthesis of the different views of Russian statesmen: starting from socialists and Soviet patriots to monarchists and Orthodox conservatives. Club members include the most prominent and influential politicians, such as Sergei Glazyev, the Russian president’s advisor on Eurasian integration; the Nobel-laureate scientist Zhores Alferov; popular writer Zakhar Prilepin; philosophers including Prokhanov and Alexander Dugin; the historians Natalia Narochnitskaya and Nikolai Starikov; and the journalists Maxim Shevchenko and Mikhail Leontyev.

The founder and president of the Izborsky Club is Aleksandr Prokhanov.

Izborsk Club

LaRouche’s Jubilee Celebrated In Russia, Eurasia (PDF)

According to LaRouche, the FBI “was collaborating with the Communist Party U.S.A. in efforts to ‘eliminate’ LaRouche as a political figure.” This may explain why Haz is trying to take over CPUSA.

Source: Infogalatic

I first came across Aleksandr Dugin (he’s an Anti-Communist and Anti-Fascist), while researching right-wing Populism and Steve Bannon. I have posted his writings, on this blog, periodically. I keep putting off reading Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory, but I guess I should as the Communist Party USA (I’m not a member but there’s a reason why I’m researching this, as I state below) has recently written some articles equating him with fascism (everyone I don’t like is a racist/fascist according to many on the Left) and attacking Caleb Maupin. Many leftists refer to Dugin as a “NazBol” (National Bolshevik), because he either started the National Bolshevik Party (he has since left from what I do remember) or belonged to it. Some, on the Left, have also called Caleb Maupin a NazBol (I don’t believe that he is) because he once was at a conference with Dugin. Dugin is against American Liberalism and Imperialism but I need to refresh my memory on his other ideas. He is ‘supposedly’ a traditionalist, an ideology that I am not fond of. Michael Millerman, a Canadian instructor of philosophy, has some videos about Dugin, on his YouTube, and has interviewed him many times. I suspect that mainstream media exaggerates Dugin’s connections to Putin and that left-leaning alternative media sensationalizes his ideology. I will slowly be researching this planned infiltration into the CPUSA, by these “Duginists,” after the New Year (playing a game with an event that will be over soon). It may just be nothing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Source. The gorillas and stars are symbols used by Infrared followers.

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